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Your room will look almost identical to one built from a custom-cut interior package, but it will require far less labor. You can erect your free standing panel-built sauna in an afternoon - without special skills. Wall and ceiling panels, benches, guard rail, and duckboards are all pre-assembled and pre-drilled to fit perfectly. Interior and exterior trim is precisely cut to length. Because it is easily assembled in sections, it is also mobile. Clear, explicit instructions and job-specific drawings remove all the confusion and risk. The assembly is so easy, it's fun!

Enhance any part of your home with a Helo sauna. Meticulously designed for beauty, they are of exceptional quality and offer efficient assembly in as little as 60 minutes.

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Revit BIM Files for Panel-Built Saunas

Sauna Rooms: Commercial

Sauna Rooms: Components: Platform-Inner-Corner

Sauna Rooms: Components: Headrest

Sauna Rooms: Components: Lower-Bench-Inner-Corner

Sauna Rooms: Components: Lower-Bench-Outer-Corner

Sauna Rooms: Components: Platform

Sauna Rooms: Components: Lower-Bench

Sauna Rooms: Components: Platform-Outer-Corner

Sauna Rooms: Components: Upper-Bench

Sauna Rooms: Components: Upper-Bench-Inner-Corner-Fillet

Sauna Rooms: Components: Upper-Bench-Inner-Corner-Sunburst

Sauna Rooms: Components: Upper-Bench-Outer-Corner

Sauna Rooms: Doors: Swing - Glass

Sauna Rooms: Doors: Swing - Wood

Sauna Rooms: Heaters: Contactor-Box

Sauna Rooms: Heaters: Floor-Mounted

Sauna Rooms: Heaters: Guardrail

Sauna Rooms: Heaters: Heater Controls

Sauna Rooms: Heaters: Wall-Mounted

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