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Reusable Elastic Forms And Matrices
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A building or structure facade is an advertisement for the designer or architect. It can also be a popular landmark and depending on the location of the building its initial visual impact can be considerable. The use of a patterned or textured concrete facade allows the architect and designer to produce subtle nuances of light and shadow to the building. The use of elastic RECKLI®-Formliners for texturing the exposed face of concrete surfaces has attained a high degree of acceptance in terms of quality, ease of use and economic efficiency. Many millions of square metres of this type of finished concrete are the proof of this. The elasticity of our formliners removes the risk of damage to the hardened concrete allowing intricate details to be used. This system has given architects, planners and designers the freedom to realize unlimited ideas in their designs for the past 40 years. The new generation of RECKLI® Photo-Engraving Formliners expands these possibilities in a previously unknown way. 
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US Formliner video of Manufacturing of a Custom-Made Formliner for Concrete Elements