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The STEEL-IT Polyurethane Coating System provides optimum weather-, abrasion-,and corrosion-resistance for indoor and outdoor architectural and general maintenance applications. Ideal for protecting structural steel and other metals, the easy to apply system yields a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that adheres aggressively to protect a variety of surfaces from a multitude of harsh conditions, including UV exposure, weathering, salt spray, and abrasion.

The STEEL-IT Polyurethane System consists of STEEL-IT 2203 Alkyd Primer and STEEL-IT 1002 Polyurethane Topcoat. These single component coatings require no complicated mixing. Applied from the can after sufficient power-agitation, the STEEL-IT Polyurethane System air-cures and does not require baking or heating.

STEEL-IT 2203 Alkyd Primer combines a modified alkyd resin, selected silicates, and iron oxides with 316L stainless steel micro-flakes to produce a long-lasting primer for structural steel and other metals requiring high performance rust-inhibiting qualities. STEEL-IT 1002 Polyurethane Topcoat blends the 316L stainless steel leafing pigment with a polyurethane resin to produce a rugged, non-toxic, metallic finish.Z

STEEL-IT 2203 Alkyd Primer and 1002 Polyurethane Topcoat are packaged in quarts and gallons. STEEL-IT 1002 Polyurethane Topcoat is also available in handy 14 ounce aerosols (1002B) for easy touch-ups and small jobs. Conventional or airless spraying is the preferred application method.
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Polyurethane Coating System