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Powder Coat Paint Finishes

All Spacefile metal products are finished with powder coat paint, providing a durable hard surface with superior performance qualities. Powder coating provides excellent abrasion, impact, corrosion, stain, and chemical resistance, exceeding stringent scruff, scratch and chip requirements of the American Library Association. Powder coat paint also emits negligible VOC's (volatile organic compounds) for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. Paint is available in any of our 12 standard colours, our eco-friendly paint option and custom.

Anti-microbial powder coat option is available to protect against the growth and migration of micro-organisms including bacteria and fungi. Anti-microbial powder coat is ideal for hospitals, food service and packaging areas, pharmaceutical labs, childcare facilities and anywhere else requiring highly sterile surfaces. Sterilcoat AM Antimicrobial powder coat is formulated to significantly reduce microbial activity and provide protection over an extended period of time and frequent washings. Anti-microbial power coat is available in our full range of powder paint colours as well as custom.

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