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At a Glance: A Partner Program That Emphasizes Mutual Gain and Collaboration

  • A good partnership is one that is beneficial to all involved parties

  • The Hayward Turnstiles Partner Program thrives on mutual benefit by generating new business opportunities for all involved

  • Trade discounts, business opportunity referrals, and co-branding are some of the features of our Program

  • Our production capabilities are expanding so we are actively seeking out new partnerships with access control integrators

  • Good candidates for our Partner Program come in many shapes and sizes

5 Elements of a Strong Business Partnership
 A strong partnership always starts with collaboration. Both companies should come together to work out a partnership agreement that satisfies the needs of both companies and makes everybody involved happy.

2. Mutual Benefit: A strong partnership should mutually benefit both parties. Each company should be better off after partnering than they were before they were associated with each other.

3. Transparency: A strong partnership is one rooted in trust. Partnership agreements should be completely transparent with an emphasis on defining terms plainly and on minimizing ambiguity.

4. Compatibility: A strong partnership depends on compatibility. The skills and capabilities of one party should complement those of the other party nicely to form a cohesive value-adding team.

5. Shared Vision: A strong partnership exhibits a shared vision between all parties involved. A partnership with aligned goals is much more productive than one where parties involved work towards separate ends.

The Hayward Turnstiles Partner Program Is Beneficial in More Ways Than One

Our new Partner Program is unlike any other partnerships found in the access control industry. Instead of simply offering a trade discount and being done with it, we go the extra mile for our partners. Our partners enjoy a relationship seeded in mutual benefit where, along with industry-leading trade discounts, they can count on us to provide referrals and funnel new business opportunities their way.

Being a turnstile and ADA gate manufacturer only, we often encounter customers that require turnkey services complete with both products and installation. Since we don't do installation, this is when we reach out to all our partners in that potential customer's general geographical area to provide them with an opportunity to gain that potential customer's business. This creates a two-way road between ourselves and our partners where we reach out to them with new business because we do not install and they reach out to us for products because we offer some of the most competitive trade discounts in the industry (off our already industry-leading MSRP).

Beyond our win-win partnership structure, we are also proud to offer co-branding opportunities for our partners. With the strongest digital presences in the industry, the Hayward Turnstiles website brings in more qualified and relevant traffic than any other turnstile-related website in the country. As a partner, we are willing to display logos, descriptions, and contact information right on our website for all of our visitors to see. Further, by linking back to your website (called a backlink), our strong web presence will even rub off onto the performance of your website, improving your search visibility and allowing you to get more qualified traffic online.

We Are Actively Recruiting Access Control Integrators and Turnstile Installers

As Hayward Turnstiles continues to grow, we are now able to handle increased volumes and, as a result, more projects at once. Because of this, we are looking to add to our network of partner installers and integrators in all areas of the country to better prepare for this increased number of projects going on at once. We want to make sure we always have an installer available when a customer needs one, so the more installers and integrators we can strike up a partnership agreement with the better.

What Does a Strong Candidate for Our Partner Program Look Like?

Projects in the access control industry often deal with high security engagements, military or government contracts, risk mitigation, and other serious applications. So, it certainly pays to be picky when choosing installers for a project. Customers want an installer that is competent, trustworthy, and easy to work with. This is why we prescreen all of the candidates for our Partner Program to ensure that only the most qualified access control integrators install our products. After all, when we recommend an integrator to a customer, that integrator is now an extension of the Hayward Turnstiles brand.

What a strong candidate for our Partner Program looks like can vary greatly. Obviously, we only choose seasoned installers with countless successful installations behind then and great customer service, but these installers don't necessarily have to be hardcore enterprise level access control systems integrators. For example, many of our partners are fence companies. They primarily install fence lines, but they have extensive experience integrating full height turnstiles and full height ADA gates with their fence systems because full height turnstile solutions and fence lines often go hand-in-hand. Though they may not be the most adept at integrating complex systems, they are masters at installing and integrating all things related to fencing. Further, many of our successful partners are large construction companies. They have the knowledge and personnel available to install all types of turnstiles and gates at their construction sites whether they are for securing the site or part of the building specification. Again, these construction companies may not be your run-of-the-mill access control systems integrator, but they have the experience and the wherewithal to install products correctly.

Though many of our partners are full-fledged access control systems integrators, installers in adjacent industries can also succeed in our partner program. Therefore, the main aspects we look for in a strong candidate for our Partner Program include:

  • Proven track record installing turnstiles and ADA compliant gates

  • Impeccable customer service both on site and accessibility off site

  • Trustworthiness and easy to work with/get in contact with

Sounds like a job description application, right? Well fear not, we won't have HR contact you or some head hunters bother you. You can reach out to us at any time to spark up a conversation about your candidacy for our partner program. I promise you won't have to wear a suit and survive a group interview.

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Powerful Partnerships: The Hayward Turnstiles Partner Program