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An industry first for pressurized steam, Ultra-sorb Model XV vaporizes dispersion-generated condensate and returns pressurized condensate to the boiler without additional pumps, valves, vents, or controls.


Features and Benefits

  • Most efficient dispersion
  • Zero water waste
  • All condensate returns to the boiler while still hot, saving energy, water, and boiler chemicals
  • Lowest heat gain
  • High-efficiency insulated tubes and an insulated steam delivery header reduce airstream heat gain by up to 85%
  • Made in USA



Capacity: Wide capacity range and options, steam capacity up to 2,720 lbs/hr (1,235 kg/h)

Applications: Designed for rapid, drip-free absorption, steam does not condense on downstream devices

Options: 316 stainless steel construction, seismic certification


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Pressurized Steam Humidifiers
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Steam Dispersion: Ultra-Sorb: Model XV pressurized steam dispersion panel