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The world's first UL Certified ESE air terminal

The world's first ESE air terminal certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to fully conform to NF C 17-102 Annex C testing. The Prevectron 3® has successfully been subjected to the full sequence of tests prescribed in international standard UNE 21-186.

The world's first modular ESE air terminal

The world's first modular ESE air terminal is a major step in lightning protection system maintenance. Each circuit is built and assembled separately. This unique modular design is superior to series circuitry.

Optimum Streamer Development

The NF C 17 102 Standard requires that the average values for time to break down and the standard deviation of those values be recorded calculated and compared. The standard deviation for an ESE terminal must be a minimum of 20% lower than a simple air terminal in order to comply with the standard.
The patented OptiMax technology neutralizes space charge formation at the tip of the air terminal prior to triggering the upward streamer. The Prevectron 3 S60 utilizing OptiMax technology provides standard deviation that is 60% lower than a standard air terminal (40% lower than the NF C 17-102 requirements). This 60% reduction in the standard deviation provides a more reliable streamer development under real lightning conditions for more reliable protection.

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Prevectron Lightning Protection
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