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TripStop S

Introducing the TripStop S Profile, the new generation of TripStop safety products designed to be smarter, safer and better than the previous generation. Boasting a large range of new benefits the TripStop S Profile will make installation easier, transport cheaper and far better bang for your buck. The TripStop S Profile comes in a larger range of sizes, with 150mm thick concrete now catered for with our TS150S (150mm) profile. We haven't forgotten the small end of town either, with the TS75S (75mm) profile catering for the jobs that are done on a budget.The new range of profiles are: TripStop TS75S (75mm) - suitable for any 75mm thick path installation TripStop TS100S (100mm) - most popular, allows for lift and fall of the path without displacing or cracking due to soil movement and/or tree root invasion. TripStop TS125S (125mm) - perfect for installations where heavy traffic is a consideration TripStop TS150S (150mm) - is a big brother of next generation in TripStop range TripStop Accessories - All TripStop products come as a complete set, including TripStop Pegs and Wedges
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