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Fabric roll up doors are the ideal solution for separating critical areas and increasing efficiency within a facility. Innovative rolling interior doors can be specially suited for environments ranging from cold storage and clean rooms to general manufacturing or special machine protection applications. Albany RapidRoll roll up interior doors feature rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems along with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments.

Albany RR200 UltraSeal interior roll up doors

The Albany RR200 UltraSeal high speed, high-performance roll up door is ideal for interior openings where space is limited. Move materials faster while optimizing your production process with the door's rapid cycle and patented low friction gravity-driven technology. The interior commercial door features a patented bead design to create a superior seal, minimizing dirt and contaminants, conserving energy, and creating climate control in facilities. This slim roll up door is ideal for environments in food processing, manufacturing and life science facilities.


Albany RR200 UltraSeal SS

The Albany RR200 UltraSeal SS high-performance stainless steel roll up door is ideal for interior openings where space is limited and sanitation is critical. The hygienic roll up door has a USDA/FDA compliant curtain, stainless steel construction and wash-down drive system to make cleaning a sanitary environment simple.  This interior commercial door features a patented bead design to create a superior seal, while the continuous profile is hygienic and easy to clean. Optimize production and separate environments efficiently with this door's fast opening and closing speeds and patented low friction gravity-driven technology. This stainless steel roll up door is ideal for environments where sanitation is critical, like food processing and life sciences facilities.


Albany RR300 interior roll up doors 

Albany RR300 interior roll up doors feature a versatile modular design suited for a wide variety of interior applications, including high-traffic areas, clean and hygienic spaces, high-pressure zones and much more. Advanced high-speed door technology, including a self-repairing bottom bar, helps to increase efficiency and eliminate damage from accidental impact to ensure continuous smooth operations. The tight seals provide climate control and keep out debris while the thin side frames and small footprint allow for unlimited installation possibilities.


Albany RR300 Chill interior roll up doors  

The Albany RR300 Chill cold storage insulated high-speed door is specially designed for high traffic cooler applications. The high-speed energy-efficient door enhances safety, improves productivity, reduces energy costs and decreases maintenance costs. Opening speeds of up to 120" per second makes the Albany RR300 Chill one of the fastest cold storage doors on the market. The Albany RR300 Chill is ideal for high-traffic areas where the temperatures in the cold storage areas are above 32° F.


Albany RR300 Freeze interior roll up doors

From freezer to loading dock, the Albany RR300 Freeze insulated high-speed freezer door saves on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow efficiency and ensuring a safer, more productive environment. The RR300 Freeze feature fast opening speeds, insulated door panel material and double weather seals for superior temperature control. These industrial freezer doors can also be equipped with heated side frames and energy-saving airflow systems to prevent frost buildup. The Albany RR300 Freeze is optimal for dual-climate facilities where temperatures below -20° F open into ambient temperatures.


Albany RR300 Clean  interior roll up doors
Albany RR300 Clean high-speed cleanroom doors help to minimize contamination risks and meet hygienic standards for controlled environments without compromising product quality or worker safety. Exceptionally fast speeds, near airtight seals and durable performance provide greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements, including ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C.


Albany RR400 High Speed Composite interior roll up doors

The Albany RR400 high-speed composite door is comprised of patented multi-composite, wear-resistant structural components, which extend the lifetime of the composite door. It is durable and operates seamlessly in a variety of harsh environments. This high-speed composite door integrates seamlessly in workplaces with high traffic flow. The flexible PVC door curtain and soft bottom edge allow people, vehicles, and items to pass through all day while also reducing damage due to impacts. The wash-down mode makes the RR400 door easy to clean making it an ideal solution for industries that demand high sanitation and eliminates worries about corrosion.


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RapidRoll Interior Fabric Doors

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RR300 - Interior Roll Up Doors  

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