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The worn patina and subtle colors and textures of Antique Cobblestones speak of a rich, timeless history.  Whether harvested directly from an old street or town in America, to a quaint village in Europe, these cobblestones have a story to tell and a history to be discovered and preserved.

The size and shape of Reclaimed Cobblestone Pavers are instrumental in determining the design or layout.  For example, achieving the classic running bond pattern is easier with rectangles, while squares and cubes offer more flexibility in design and are more suited for fan type patterns.


  • Full Bed - approximately 6"- 7"

  • Half Bed - approximately 2.5"- 3.5" ( European Only )

  • Sliced - approximately 1.25"- 2.25" ( European Only )

Thickness is primarily determined by both the installation method and type of use.  A full bed cobble might be more suited to a dry-laid motor court, whereas a sliced cobble might be the perfect fit for a walkway set in a mortar bed.

The type of stone determines the color of Reclaimed Cobblestones.  The effects of wear and tear enhance the overall look by adding new color tones over time, adding that magical patina that makes this material so unique.  Colors range from classic New England earthy salt and pepper to the deep blues, reds and greens of Belgian Porphyry.

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Reclaimed Cobblestone Pavers