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Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Operator Overview
SLIDESMART DC keeps your gate moving even after AC power loss. This commercial grade, continuous duty, electromechanical, chain driven slide gate operator is designed for millions of low maintenance cycles. SLIDESMART DC incorporates soft-start, soft-stop technology to gracefully operate gates up to 50 ft in length and up to 3,000 lb with independently programmable open and close speeds from 0.75 to 2.25 ft/s, depending on model. Unique "Ice Breaker Mode" powers through morning ice/snow buildup, reducing unnecessary service calls and user complaints. Adaptive IES (inherent entrapment sensor) optimizes gate resistance sensitivity and reduces false trips and unnecessary call backs. No heater required unless temperatures drop below -13 degrees F (-25 degrees C). The SlideSmart DC 10F, 15 low flex, zinc-plated chassis provides superior corrosion protection. Operator features an attractive, tight fitting, key locked, fade resistant cover. The HD25, HD30 models feature a sturdy steel enclosure.UPS STANDARD BATTERY BACKUP uses two 8Ah batteries for up to 4,000 ft of gate travel after AC power loss. Upgrade to 50Ah batteries with the Extended Battery Backup Kit for an exceptional 25,000 ft of gate travel after AC power loss.* Continues to operate with dead or dying batteries while on AC. Field configurable to fail open or secure if batteries deplete. The HySecurity designed intelligent, three stage charging system monitors battery condition to maximize battery life.EASILY CONFIGURE GATE OPERATION to specific site requirements with unequalled Smart DC Controller. PC software simplifies configuration and troubleshooting using Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.). Upload latest software, troubleshoot system and save operator configurations. Programmable dual or sequenced gate integration. Two configurable user relays plus optional Hy8Relay™ - an accessory module providing eight additional programmable relay outputs. Make loop problems go away with Hy5B™: The loop detector with automatic sensitivity adjustment, advanced tailgating detection, and loop health scoring.CONNECT AND REPORT Optional web based HyNet™ Gateway connects the perimeter gates/barriers with your security monitoring station. Securely report gate system tailgating, gate hits, failure to operate, and more, in real time to maintain perimeter security. Additionally, configure email alerts to communicate issues to installer, facility or security responders.FAST SlideSmart DC 10F moves your gate fast! Gracefully start and stop, up to a 1,000 lb/40 ft gate (453 kg/12 m). Set Open/Close speed independently - adjustable 1.75, 2 or 2.25 ft/s (53 to 69 cm/s). UL Usage Class III and IV (Commercial and Industrial Applications) only. Not for residential use, or applications intended to serve the general public, due to high speedHEAVY DUTY Power your heavy commercial gates reliably. SlideSmart DC HD25 and HD30 move up to a 3,000 lb/50 ft gates (1,361 kg/15 m). Attractive heavy gauge steel enclosure, with zinc rich primer chassis and black powder coated steel and secure lock cover protects operator and all moving parts. Available as pad mount or with side mount posts. Optional 1HP motor.SOLAR Operate your energy efficient SlideSmart DCS with 24V solar panels (or two 12V panels in series).† The MPPT solar battery charger regulator is integrated into the Smart DC controller, making installation as simple as connecting two wires. In locations with adequate sunshine, two 8Ah batteries provide up to 1,500 ft (457 m) of gate travel per day. Upgrade to 50Ah batteries with the Extended Battery Backup Kit option for sites requiring more than 1,500 ft of gate travel per day and/or sites in less sunny climates.The HySecurity designed intelligent, three stage charging system monitors battery condition to maximize battery life.
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