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RigidRim® Rimboard

Roseburg RigidRim® Rimboard is used for perimeter framing and load transfer. To manufacture our EWP products, we use fast growing, under utilized, and less expensive wood species; therefore, large old growth trees are preserved. As a component of the Roseburg Framing system®, Rigidrim™ OSB and LVL rimboard allows contractors to quickly frame the perimeter of their floor system and is one of the most cost effective methods to properly transfer vertical and horizontal loads around the I-joist and directly into the supporting walls. Roseburg's RigidRim is dimensionally stable and resists shrinking and warping. It also provides a smooth nailing surface for the attachment of exterior sheathing, siding and ledgers.

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1b - LVL Rimboard
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1w - Rimboard Starter Joist
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