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Nana Wall Systems, Inc. > PRODUCT > SL45 FoldFlat
SL45 FoldFlat
  • Inswing or Outswing
  • Up to Three Panels Each Side
  • Top-Hung
  • Single Floor Track (Flush Sill or Low Profile Saddle Sill)
  • Swing Door Option
  • Aluminum framed Available in 200+ Colors
  • Wood framed Available in 10 Different Wood Types

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Revit BIM Files for SL45 FoldFlat

Doors: SL-45 Fold Flat

CAD Detail Files for SL45 FoldFlat
SL4510 Inswing
download: view:
SL4511 Outswing
download: view:
SL45220 Inswing
download: view:
SL45221 Outswing
download: view:
SL45230 Inswing
download: view:
SL45231 Outswing
download: view:
SL45260 Inswing
download: view:
SL45261 Outswing
download: view:
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