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SUK Sub-Structure Systems
The HALFEN SUK Sub-Structure System is an adjustable faCade support system suitable for wall cavities greater than 6 in. The SUK system is ideal for new construction as well as retrofits of existing structures. The HALFEN SUK system consists of a series of vertical rails hung from the structure to which the wall panel supports and restraint brackets are connected. The vertical rails are fixed back to the structure at comparatively large spacings, reducing the number of penetrations into the structure. This allows for quick and easy installation and minimizes the overall impact to the building envelope. The SUK is a stainless steel system and is extremely durable. It can be used in almost any environment. HALFEN SUK Sub-Structure system is also suitable for connecting building cladding elements. Furthermore, using a pre-installed sub structure system allows for fast and economical installation of cladding.
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