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Shelterwrap™ Polystyrene Fanfold Insulation Underlayment has covered over a million homes in the past 35 years!

In most homes the movement of air from inside out and outside in, is the single greatest cause of energy loss. Areas most greatly affected by air infiltration are window and door frames, sill plates, and through the wall itself.

Shelterwrap™ underlayment insulation, when installed properly, is designed to eliminate costly air infiltration. Ever since we originated Shelterwrap™ more than 35 years ago, millions of homes across America have cut their energy consumption and lowered their utility bills by using this remarkable material.

Permeance - Shelterwrap™ can give up to 5.0 water vapor permeance of 1'" thickness, maximum perm Test Method ASTM E96 (permeability allows wall cavities to breathe, thus reducing the risk of condensation within the wall).

Value - Shelterwrap™ offers the best value available for a leveling board, insulator and air infiltration barrier.

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