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Kalwall offers a wide range of pre-engineered skyroofs including: shed Roofs, ridge Roofs, pyramids, barrel vaults, low-profile vaults. Our panels are so lightweight compared to glass, at less than 3 lbs/ft2, support framing requirements are minimized. Only thrust-bearing curbs designed to accommodate local live, snow and wind load designs are required. Clearspans up to 24" are possible, depending on load and slope, without additional support framing. Our rugged skylights are all mansafe and OSHA fall thru compliant, meaning no safety cages required, another cost savings. Centerline, self-supporting ridge skylights with 20, 27, 33, or 45 degree slope to 24'. Our Kalcurve® 180 degree and low-profile 90 degree come in one foot curb width increments.  Quick Reference Links:  Kalwall KCRF Color Chart  NFRC Certified U-Values  Light/Solar Heat Transmission  Windborne Debris Regions
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