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Every year, a number of preventable skylight-related injuries happen. When workers are on rooftops, skylights are a particularly dangerous threat. Whether these roof openings are covered with snow, leaves, debris, or they just go unnoticed, skylights remain a common fall hazard. Because of this, you need to protect yourself from skylight-related injuries by investing in high-quality fall protection equipment. Leading Edge Safety is proud to offer both permanent and temporary solutions specifically created for skylight applications. Our guardrail system, specifically crafted for skylights, is securely attached to the skylight structure, providing both compliance and peace of mind for workers. The skylight screen system mounts to the skylight frame and over these roof openings, making it virtually impossible to experience a skylight-related fall. Below, you will find a comprehensive overview of our permanent skylight-related products. The PRS Skylight Guardrail provides permanent 4-sided fall protection around virtually any skylight or smoke vent. Skylight Guardrail meets and exceeds numerous Standards and requirements for floor openings and walking/working surfaces. "Zero Penetration" attachment conceals fasteners to prevent moisture from entering the building, and will not void the roof warranty. Custom designed to fit virtually any size skylight including acrylic skylights, structural skylights and smoke vents. Skylight guardrails provide high-visibility even on snow covered roofs.

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