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Space distribution units (SDUs) and steam blowers mount on top of humidifiers or remote from the steam generator to disperse steam within an open space. SDUs disperse steam generated by non-pressurized steam generators such as DriSteem's Vaporstream® and Vapormist® humidifiers, XTP steam blowers disperse steam from XTP humidifiers, XTR steam blowers or fan pack disperse steam from XTR humidifiers.


Features and Benefits

  • Designed for finished spaces
  • Quiet fan-based steam dispersion
  • Made in USA



Capacities: Steam capacities vary by model

Applications: Designed for use where there is no ductwork, to disperse steam within an open space


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Space Distribution Units and Blowers
Revit BIM Files for Space Distribution Units and Blowers

Electric Steam Humidifiers: XT Steam Blower

Electric Steam Humidifiers: XTR Steam Blower

Space Distribution Unit SDU: E-RX-MD

Space Distribution Unit SDU: E-RX-SM

Space Distribution Unit SDU: I-RX