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VersaTherm™ is our most versatile and economical framing system. The flexible design allows for on-site fabrication in applications ranging from punched openings to mall fronts. VersaTherm is available in a large selection of profiles. Snap-on covers and backmembers, available in a variety of colors, allow for contrasting interior and exterior finishes. Silicone glazed verticals can be selected to provide a sleek uninterrupted glass surface at the exterior. Finish options and glass positioning from frame exterior to center meet a wide range of aesthetic requirements. Snap-on covers and back members are "locked" together by a unique thermal barrier clip. This clip ensures that interior and exterior metal members remain separate while firmly connected, virtually eliminating the transference of frost and condensation. High performance verticals, and compatibility with Tubelite Stock Doors create a complete and truly versatile system.
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