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For architects, specifiers and builders, it's a lot more than the latest "buzz word" for the building industry. Sustainability is about designing and building for the long term while conserving the environment. And industry professionals are choosing building products more conscientiously than ever before. They're choosing building materials such as fiber glass insulation that minimize the impact on the environment. Fiber glass insulation is a proven performer when it comes to saving energy. We all know a building that is thermally efficient reduces the amount of energy used. But this also means less fossil fuel is burned to produce that energy, resulting in a reduction of polluting gases released into the atmosphere and less need for new power plants. Since 2012 Knauf Insulation North America has used the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List as a developmental benchmark. The Red List is a list of chemicals that are avoided in material imperative for the construction of LBC buildings. Formaldehyde is just one of about 800 chemicals on the Red List. Today, no other insulation company comes close to the sustainable development achieved by Knauf Insulation in this regard. View Knauf Insulations™ extensive listing of products with environmental certifications and material disclosures in the Sustainable Minds' Transparency Catalog.

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