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Sustainable Development

Geolam is dedicated to building a sustainable world that celebrates both beauty and environmental responsibility. Geolam products are designed to provide a long lasting alternative to wood that will leave no harmful impact on the environment. With environmental consciousness on the rise across North America, Geolam is hopeful for a sustainable future.

Why Geolam is a greener choice

Geolam WPC Products

  • Are composed of 90% recycled materials.
  • Are 100% recyclable.
  • Use eco-friendly polypropylene plastic rather than PVC.
  • Produce no toxic fumes.
  • Are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Carry the 'Eco-Mark' label.

Eco-Mark Label

Geolam was awarded the Eco-Mark label for deep environmental commitment. The Eco-Mark is one of the world's highest environmental standards awarded by the Japan Environmental Association

The Eco-Mark label guarantees that Geolam products are...

  • Harmless to human health (free from chlorine, CFC and other harmful solvents found in PVC products.
  • Composed of at least 80% raw materials of recycled origin.

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