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SwingRiser Residential/Commercial Swing Gate Operator Overview
SwingRiser is an elegant, continuous duty, industrial grade, hydraulic swing gate operator. Its graceful, smooth lift and swing raises gate leaf a full 12 inches during the gate open cycle to clear obstacles like snow, rocks, curbs and road inclines. Optional locking pin mechanically locks when gate gently lowers at end of its cycle. HySecurity's unique SwingRiser solves specialized site challenges with finesse. This swing gate operator is frequently chosen for high profile or high security locations.GRACEFULLY CYCLE up to a 1,000 lb gate in 14 seconds or up to a 3,000 lb gate in 30 seconds. SwingRiser outer post is zinc flame sprayed for superior corrosion resistance. Standard SwingRiser posts are 80 inches (203 cm) tall, assembled as left hand or right hand and inward swing or outward swing, as well as 90 degrees or 100 degrees swing. A separate HydraSupply enclosure containing Smart Touch Controller and hydraulic power unit is remotely located, up to 100 ft, from the gate. Custom height SwingRiser posts can be ordered to fit your gate size. Ordering the correct SwingRiser configuration is critical as the speed and all elements described above cannot be field reconfigured. HySecurity provides a SwingRiser Order Form that must accompany every order to insure accuracy and customer satisfaction.EASILY CONFIGURE GATE OPERATION to specific site requirements with unequalled Smart Touch Controller. PC software simplifies configuration and troubleshooting using Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.). Upload latest software, troubleshoot system and save operator configurations. Programmable dual or sequenced gate integration. Three configurable user relays plus optional Hy8Relay™ - an accessory module providing eight additional programmable relay outputs. Make loop problems go away with Hy5B™: The loop detector with automatic sensitivity adjustment, advanced tailgating detection, and loop health scoring.CONNECT AND REPORT: Optional web based HyNet™ Gateway connects the perimeter gates/barriers with your security monitoring station. Securely report gate system tailgating, gate hits, failure to operate, and more, in real time to maintain perimeter security. Additionally, configure email alerts to communicate issues to installer, facility or security responders. TWIN Choose SwingRiser twin models for bi-parting site applications. Reduce cost of operator and installation with only one power unit and one control unit for the twin posts. Simplifies wiring and installation. Twin posts operator price includes up to 150 ft (45.7 m) of 1/4 inch hydraulic hose (custom cut to size by HySecurity according to installer's field measurements). Hoses are pre-filled with hydraulic fluid and supplied with quick disconnects. Submit completed and signed operator and hose order forms with each order.DC POWER SUPPLY (UPS MODELS ONLY)The Uninterruptible DC Power Supply provides up to 100 cycles UPS backup after an AC power loss.* Retain full functionality during an AC power outage using HySecurity's advanced DC Power Supply with HyCharger DC™, a powerful 50A three stage charger, custom built for continuous duty and long battery life. The DC Power Supply is a separate insulated and ventilated enclosure containing two sealed maintenance free AGM 110Ah, 12VDC batteries. Available in single phase only: Low voltage: 115V 60/50Hz (requires 30A branch circuit) or High voltage: 208-230V 60/50Hz (requires 15A branch circuit). Be certain to order the correct DC Power Supply voltage model as chargers are not field convertible. HySecurity's DC Power Supply enclosure must be mounted within 10 ft (3 m) of the operator with a minimum of 6 gauge wire usedto connect between the DC supply and gate operator. For longer distances, call HySecurity Tech Support.AC POWER SUPPLYOptional AC Power Supply w/HyInverter AC™ provides UPS battery backup for 208/230VAC single-phase, 1 hp AC gate operators, providing up to 100 cycles UPS backup after an AC power loss.*
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