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Skylights and Specialties

  • Fabric Tension Dual Motor System (FTS) - Motorizing skylight and angle openings with an FTS allows complete control, using solar shading or blackout fabrics. Fabric tension systems hardware consists of dual motorized tubes, fabric secured between 2 tubes with cable or industrial webbing. Standard FTS Systems have fabric rolling off the top of the tube (closest to the window) with the motors R/R. Motor speed is 20 RPM. The controller operates each motor independently to maintain the dynamic (moving) tension. The final (static) tension is then set to eliminate sagging when the fabric is fully closed.
  • Spring Tension Motorized Skylight System - Dual Tube application using heavy duty spring mounted in take up tube and motorized fabric tube.
  • Bottom Up Motorized System - Dual tube application using heavy duty spring tube and motorized tube. Take up tube can be mounted at bottom with fabric tube or at top of opening.
  • Single tube designs use tension springs within the load bar with pulley and guiding cable to take up reels on motor tube.
  • Angle Bottom Up Motorized - Special triangle and trapezoid systems are available. Contact SKYCO Shading for technical support.
  • Manual Cord Pulley Spring Tension - Used for small opening applications. A crank handle is optional.
  • Stationary Screen Frames - Set into 1" aluminum angle framing systems for suspended applications.
  • Fabric can be Flat (FTS style and Spring Tension) or Soft Fold.
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Tensioned Single Roller

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