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StucCoat is a high quality, integrally colored, acrylic copolymer finish, specifically designed to provide texture and color over Portland cement plaster, cast-in-place, pre-cast and concrete masonry units. It is not intended for use with an Outsulation system. StucCoat is available in four textures: Standard: Can be troweled and floated to a rilled texture defined by the rolling of the larger aggregate. Fine: Can be troweled or sprayed followed by floating to obtain uniform sand-type texture. Bold: Can be troweled or sprayed followed by floating to obtain a larger, uniform aggregate texture without rills. Lace: Is developed by trowel application of a uniform, smooth application over the substrate, followed by random-area trowel applications of material with or without trowel knockdown/stipple effects. This texture is not floated and produces effects similar to traditional stucco textures.
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