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Tubular Skylights

The LightFlex™ tubular daylighting system/device from Sunoptics brings natural light into finished-ceiling/suspended-ceiling applications like offices, schools and stores that do not have direct access to the roof.

From the high-performance prismatic skylight on the roof, to the multiple lens/diffuser options for your ceiling; the 21" tubular daylighting system features advanced design and technology to provide optimal daylight throughout the day.The 21" tubular daylighting system is complete with elbows and round-to-square components to a work around plenum obstructions.

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CAD Detail Files for Tubular Skylights

2020 LightFlex Round Cut Sheet
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2040 LightFlex Rectangle Cut Sheet
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4040 LightFlex Square Cut Sheet
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image/vnd.dwg download: view:
LightFlex Round-2020
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Specifications for Tubular Skylights

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