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UMA / UHA Grout-In Anchors
HALFEN UMA/UHA Grout-In Anchors are the evolution of traditional natural stone faCade anchoring methods. They can accommodate wall cavities up to 11" while still providing high load resistance. The anchor's circular cross section allows for the use in both horizontal and vertical joints. HALFEN UMA Support Anchors are engineered to resist transverse (gravity) loads and longitudinal (i.e. wind & seismic) loads. Three dimensional adjustability is obtained utilizing oversized holes. Six UMA anchor designs are available to meet any project's needs. HALFEN UHA Restraint Anchors are used in combination with the UMA Anchors to provide longitudinal resistance. They are capable of resisting tensile and compression loading only. The UHA Anchors are commonly used in vertical joints and at edges and corners where vertical support of the faCade is not required.
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