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Vertical Lift Walls

Summit® vertical lift walls take flexible space in a completely different direction - up. Unlike traditional operable panels that move horizontally through a large, exposed cavity in the ceiling, Hufcor's patented vertical lift system moves acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot in the ceiling and stacks them neatly hidden out of sight. All this with a simple push of a button! This space-saving and attractive design maximizes an interior's available floor space and makes Summit® vertical lift walls a great choice for convention centers, hotel ballrooms, learning institutions and training centers - anywhere that superior and attractive space and sound management must exist in harmony with maximizing free floor space.




Often, clear floor space is critical, and Summit® offers more clear floor space utilization than any horizontal movable wall can offer. No partition stacks to get in the way (or the need to build pocket doors to hide). No floor tracks eating into your clear floor space creating trip hazards and places for debris to accumulate.


Summit® 645V Vertical Lift Partition Brochure

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Operable Partitions: Vertical: Partition BIM object
Operable Partitions: Vertical: Partition

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