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Resilite's Zip Mat eliminates the need for mat tape. Our innovative and patented connection technology makes set-up quick and easy, and produces a resilient, long-lasting seal.

DURABLE AND SECURE MAT SEAM - The Zip's military-strong, waterproof seal prevents cleaners, sweat, and other liquids from getting below the surface, keeping the mat fresher and more sanitary. U.S. PATENT #10,081,952.

FAST AND EASY SETUP AND TEAR-DOWN - The Zip Mat sets up in a matter of minutes, thanks to easy-to-manage sections and the unique Zip connection system. The Zip Mat tears down for transport and storage just as quickly.

EFFORTLESS CLEANING AND DISINFECTING - The Zip can easily be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, unlike hook-and-loop fastening systems which can trap liquids, dirt, hair, and other debris.

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