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Joist tape is an essential component of a well-built deck! WiseWrap® JoistTape™ Butyl joist barrier tape Butyl is a self-sealing malleable polypropylene protective waterproof wood flashing membrane featuring a high-performance butyl hybrid self-adhering adhesive. It protects joists under the decking boards from premature wood rot, decay, and corrosion. JoistTape™ Butyl deck flash barrier features a high-performance butyl hybrid adhesive with a high strength nonslip polypropylene backing. Butyl joist barrier tape will self-seal around deck screws, nails and fasteners to prevent water infiltration, wood rot and lumber breakdown.

Butyl Joist Tape Features:

  • Two convenient sizes available in 1-5/8" x 50' or 3-1/8" x 50' rolls

  • High performance 20-22 mil advanced butyl adhesive

  • Pressure-sensitive butyl waterproof membrane

  • Securely bonds to resistant surfaces

  • Is less temperature-sensitive and oozes less in high temps

  • Can be applied in a wide range of weather conditions — very flexible

  • Is more affordable than acrylic or silicone in most instances

  • Flows better around decking screws and deck fasteners, creating a tighter seal

  • Lightly textured Non-Skid surface keeps you sure-footed when walking

  • Black surface allows for sliding wood over it with ease

  • Tear-resistant, durable, and flexible to form around fasteners and corners

Unique Non-Skid Surface: Beyond protection, our Joist Tape features a unique non-skid facer, providing grip in any weather for safer deck installations. UV resistance ensures durability even during extended periods of exposure, making it a reliable foundation for level decking.

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Deck Joist Butyl Barrier Tape

Deck Joist Butyl Barrier Tape  

WiseWrap® JoistTape™