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Railings take many forms in architectural buildings. The railings function remains the same but the aesthetics vary wildly depending on the type. Glass and cable railing allows for additional site and light as well as style. Where pipe and tube can create style in commercial applications. The railing manufacturers in the categories below have photo after photo to help you choose the look and feel for your project.

Railings are a form of balustrade and handrail.

They are used as safety devices for preventing falls of people along balconies or walkways, or with staircases. Handrails and guardrails are generally required by building codes for new construction. They are installed along with other safety devices required by code including entrance ramps, stairway guards, stairway railings etc. Existing buildings will require upgrading based on changes of condition of property. "Conditioned" changes are considered more severe than those of the original building. This normally includes remodeling or other activities that improve or alter the structural configuration. Handrails are required on certain angled ladder-like stairs called storm or fire exit stairs to provide a continuous banister like support so the users could maintain balance. But when it comes to aesthetics, railings provide an effective frame for larger openings.