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Sound proofing is critical in auditoriums and musical venues. Select a category below to view acoustic manufacturers and the information and content they have to offer. From cad details to BIM content to specifications, these soundproofing manufacturers show how their products can impact a concert hall or restaurant.

Wallboard alone can't match the soundproofing abilities of good pressure dependent sound control channels and soundproofing material. But when it's used along with those other sound control products, wallboard can be a reasonable solution for interior walls that are a good distance from exterior walls. But to get full value from such a wall, you'll need to make it at least one of two inches thick by installing a couple of layers of wallboard. With so much insulation though, the interior surface of such a wall will become uncomfortably hot in warmer weather. For a better solution, you might consider using house wrap, rockwool, or cellulose fiber to fill the cavities.