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While it's possible to waterproof your basement, it isn't usually made a priority. When most people think about waterproofing, preventing water intrusion (as opposed to moisture infiltration) pops into their minds. So from that perspective, most basement waterproofing is focused on damp proofing the exterior walls, as a means of protecting basement contents from rising damp at ground level. But what about keeping moisture out of your first floor walls, such as those that are exposed to interior wet rooms or laundry centers? An alternative solution might be to block the penetration of moisture into the basement from those sources since there's no way for that moisture to escape into the exterior wall of the house. This will ultimately seal the walls from the effects of excess moisture, but it might be necessary to further limit or repel water from being released upward into the wall cavity from moisture escaping the piers or slab sinks. This means using a wall flashing on either the interior wall or exterior foundation wall to deflect any moisture that is not being released into the outside air.