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DOCUMENT 00 41 00
Submission of Bids: Submit bids in compliance with Document 00 21 00 - Instructions to Bidders. Fill in blanks. The Owner reserves the right to reject incomplete bid forms.
Bidding Documents: This Bidding document is not part of the Contract Documents, unless specifically referenced in the Owner/Contractor Agreement.
Project Name: _____________________________
Project Owner: _________________________
Name of Bidder: ________________________
Base Bid: The Bidder proposes to perform all of the Work required by the Contract Documents for the amount of: (Fill in amount in words and numbers.)$
Bonds: If the Bidder is required to furnish a Performance Bond and Payment Bond (AIA A312) for the entire value of the Work, add the following amount to the base bid amount:$
Alternates: If an Alternate is selected by the Owner, the Bidder proposes to do the Work required by the Contract Documents by increasing or decreasing the Base Bid the following amount: (Fill in amounts in words and numbers)
Alternate No. 1 - ((Name of Alternate)): Increase/decrease (underline one) Base Bid by:$
Alternate No. 2 - ((Name of Alternate)): Increase/decrease (underline one) Base Bid by:$
Time: The Bidder proposes the following dates (Fill in):
Proposed Starting Date: ___________________________
Proposed Date of Substantial Completion (not later than (insert date)): _______________________________
Submission of Bid Form: By submitting this Bid Form, the Bidder certifies that Bidder has visited the project site, is aware of existing conditions which affect the work, and has reviewed the Contract Documents, including the following Addenda:
(List addenda received)
Bid Qualifications: Submit bid qualifications and reasons for qualifications with this Bid Form at the end of the Bid Form. Include impact of bid qualifications on time, cost or quality. Bid qualifications may include: Cash flow requirements, assumptions for access to the work, assumptions for staging the work, assumptions for protecting existing and abutting work, proposed modifications to General and Supplementary Conditions, proposed modifications to drawings and specifications.
Signature: Signed and sealed (Enter date, Bidder's signature, title, name of firm, legal business address, phone and fax numbers, email address):
Signature: ___________________________
Name and Title: _______________________________
Firm: _______________________________
Address: _______________________________
City, State, ZIP: _______________________________
Telephone: _______________________________
Fax: _______________________________
Email: _______________________________
Project Manager: Bidder's Project Manager To Be Assigned to the Project (name and brief summary of experience):
Subcontractors: Bidder's List of Proposed Major Subcontractors (list):
Bid Qualifications: List of Bid Qualifications by Bidder (If any):