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Summitville Tiles, Inc. Thin Brick
SECTION 04 20 00
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          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Summitville, thin brick units.
This section is based on the products of Summitville, which is located at:
15364 State Rt. 644
Summitville, OH 43962-0073
Tel: (330) 232-1511
Fax: (330) 232-1414
Summitville Tiles has evolved as a small producer of highway paving brick founded by F H Johnson in 1912 into a regional producer of commercial and residential face brick from the 1930's to the late 1940's...into a diversified producer, today, of premium grade quarry tiles, heavy-duty industrial floor brick, precision sized thin brick, plus a full line of cementitious and epoxy resin installation and tile care products...products which are shipped all over the world.
          PART 1GENERAL
          A.Thin brick veneer.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.
          A.Section 03 30 00 - Cast-in-Place Concrete.
          B.Section 03 41 16 - Precast Concrete Slabs.
          C.Section 04 05 00 - Common Work Results for Masonry.
          D.Section 04 20 00 - Unit Masonry.
          E.Section 04 22 00 - Concrete Unit Masonry.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete references from the list below that are not actually required by the text of the edited section.
          A.ASTM International (ASTM):
          1.ASTM C 67 - Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Brick and Structural Clay Tile.
          2.ASTM C 482 - Standard Test Method for Bond Strength of Ceramic Tile to Portland Cement Paste.
          3.ASTM C 650 - Standard Test Method for Resistance of Ceramic Tile to Chemical Substances.
          4.ASTM C 666 - Standard Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing.
          5.ASTM C 1088 - Standard Specification for Thin Veneer Brick Units Made From Clay or Shale.
          6.ASTM E 488 - Standard Test Methods for Strength of Anchors in Concrete Elements.
          A.Submit under provisions of Section 01 30 00 - Administrative Requirements.
          B.Product Data: Manufacturer's catalog data, detail sheets, and installation & cleaning methods.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete the following paragraph if samples are not required.
          C.Selection Samples: For each product requiring color and/or texture selection, provide full size samples of at least five brick showing range for final selection.
          D.Verification Samples: Submit full size samples of masonry using manufacturers standard physical samples, printed materials will not be accepted
          1.5SAMPLE PANELS
          A.Construct sample panel at location indicated or directed, and as follows:
          1.Size: 4 feet by 4 feet (16 square foot section).
          2.Include all unit types and sizes to be used, and mortar joint treatment specified.
          B.Obtain architect's acceptance of sample panel before beginning construction activities of this section.
          C.Do not remove sample panel until construction activities of this section have been accepted by architect.
          A.Deliver products of this section in trays & on pallets, with individual faces protected; keep dry.
          B.Store units in protected area or under cover on level ground; keep dry. Do not double-stack pallets.
          PART 2PRODUCTS
          A.Acceptable Manufacturer: Summitville Tiles, Inc., which is located at: 15364 State Rt. 644; Summitville, OH 43962-0073; Tel: 330-223-1511; Fax: 330-223-1414; Email: request info; Web:
          B.Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 - Product Requirements.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete paragraph above or below; coordinate with Division 1 requirements.
          C.Substitutions: Not permitted.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Summitville offers Thin Brick in 25 colors. Each color offers a wide range of shades. Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven characteristics. Custom flashed blends are available by special order: minimum quantity may be required. Always check with the factory before ordering, some inventory may be available.
          2.2THIN BRICK
          A.Brick Performance:
          1.Saturation Coefficient (ASTM C 1088): N/A.
          2.Efflorescence (ASTM C 67): Not Efflorescent.
          3.Chipping (ASTM C 1088 Max 3 percent): Less than 2 percent.
          4.Size (ASTM C 1088 TBX Grade): Exceeds Standard.
          5.Warpage (ASTM C 1088 TBX Grade): Exceeds Standard.
          6.Modulus of Rupture (ASTM C 67 250 Lbs/si): 500 Lbs/si.
          7.Compressive Strength (ASTM C 67 - 8,000 Lbs/si): 10,000 Lbs/si.
          8.Absorption (ASTM C 1088 - Maximum 17 percent): Less than 6 percent.
          9.Freeze Thaw - Brick (ASTM C 67 - Minimum 50 Cycles): Exceeds Standard.
          10.Freeze Thaw - Precast Concrete Assembly (PCI ASTM C 666 - 300 Cycles): Passed, Meets Standard.
          11.Tensile Bond (PCI ASTM E 488/ Modified - Minimum 150 PSI before and after 300 cycles): Passed, Meets Standard.
          12.Shear Bond Strength (To Portland Cement) (ASTM C 482 - Minimum 50 psi): Greater than 150 psi.
          13.Chemical Resistance (ASTM C 650): Not Affected.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select type(s) of clay masonry units from paragraphs below, deleting those not required for the project.
          B.Thin Brick: ASTM C 1088, Type TBX, tested in accordance with ASTM C 67, as manufactured by Summitville Tiles, Inc.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select size(s) from subparagraphs below, deleting those not required for the project. First subparagraph is standard size; subsequent subparagraphs indicate sizes available for special applications.
          1.Size: 2-1/4 inches high, 7-5/8 inches long, 9/16 inch thick (57 mm x 194 x 14 mm).
          2.Size: 3-5/8 inches high, 7-5/8 inches long, 9/16 inch thick (92 mm x 194 x 14 mm).
          3.Size: 3-5/8 inches high, 11-5/8 inches long, 9/16 inch thick (92 mm x 295 x 14 mm).
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Summitville is pleased to announce the introduction of a new, rustic, kiln-flashed "iron-spot" thin brick series available in our standard modular size (2-1/4x7-5/8x9/16"). The new Olde Towne Thin Brick will be offered in five earth tone colors, with subtle ranging tones and naturally occurring flashing. Delete if not required.
          C.Product: Olde Towne Thin Brick as manufactured by Summitville.
          1.Texture: Smooth.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete colors not required.
          2.Color: 510 Olde Charleston Blend.
          3.Color: 594 Olde Chicago Blend.
          4.Color: 595 Olde Tavern Blend.
          5.Color: 596 Olde Manhattan Blend.
          6.Color: 597 Olde Philadelphia Blend.
          7.Color: B510 Olde Charleston Colonial Blend
          8.Color: B594 Olde Chicago Colonial Blend
          9.Color: B595 Olde Tavern Colonial Blend
          10.Color: B597 Olde Philadelphia Colonial Blend
          11.Color: B506 Olde Jamestown Blend
          12.Color: B505 Olde Germantown Blend
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Five new colors have been added to our Thin Brick line, offering a rustic, handcrafted look in brick surfaces. Each of the five colors in this series has a wide range of shades, blended at the factory, to create a unique and distinct color effect. For a one of a kind, custom look, a factory blend of any combination of these five standard production colors is available.
          D.Product: Landmark Series as manufactured by Summitville.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete colors not required.
          1.Color: 01006 Olde Salem Landmark.
          2.Color: 01009 Elkton Landmark.
          3.Color: 01012 Dungannon Landmark.
          4.Color: 01024 Fredericktown Landmark.
          5.Color: 01034 Hanover Landmark.
          E.Product: Thin Brick Wirecut as manufactured by Summitville.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete colors not required
          1.Color: 10 Summitville Red Wirecut.
          2.Color: 14 Alexandria Wirecut.
          3.Color: 15 Providence Wirecut.
          4.Color: 16 Plymouth Wirecut.
          5.Color: 17 Yorktown Wirecut.
          6.Color: 19 New Amsterdam Wirecut.
          7.Color: 21 Raleigh Wirecut.
          8.Color: 24 Boston Wirecut.
          9.Color: 26 Savannah Wirecut.
          10.Color: 27 Georgetown Wirecut.
          11.Color: 81 Charcoal Wirecut.
          12.Color: 94 Colony Wirecut.
          13.Color: 95 New Bedford Wirecut.
          14.Color: 96 Williamstown Wirecut.
          15.Color: 97 Valley Forge Wirecut.
          F.Product: Thin Brick Blends as manufactured by Summitville.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete colors not required
          1.Color: B109 Andover Blend
          2.Color: B185 Concord Blend
          3.Color: B205 Lexington Blend
          4.Color: B208 Newport Blend
          5.Color: B209 Richmond Blend
          6.Color: B210 Dover Blend
          7.Color: B211 Cambridge Blend
          8.Color: B212 Montgomery Blend
          G.Trim Units: Matching thin brick.
          A.Inspect related conditions; do not start work in an area until adverse conditions in that area are corrected.
          B.Proceed with installation only after unacceptable conditions have been corrected.
          A.Test surfaces for straightness, levelness. Notify Architect where corrections are needed.
          B.Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.
          A.Install thin brick in accordance with manufacturer's printed instructions.
          B.Cut units where required for fitting or for installation of built-in items, using power tools; do not install units having chipped or cracked edges on sight-exposed surfaces.
          C.Mortar Joints:
          1.3/8 inch (9.5 mm) thick unless otherwise indicated.
          D.Align base courses to follow accurate floor lines.
          E.Align faces plumb, level, and true, with uniform joint widths.
          F.Size and portion units for best appearance, with joints arranged neat and symmetrical, free of imperfections detracting from overall appearance.
          A.Clean installed masonry surfaces in accordance with manufacturer's instructions; do not clean units with products not specified in manufacturer's instructions.
          A.Protect installed products until completion of project.
          B.Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.