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Corrugated Metals Incorporated Steel Roof Deck
SECTION 05 31 23
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          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Corrugated Metals Incorporated; Roofing and Panels products.
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Corrugated Metals, Inc. (CMI) is a leading manufacturer of roll formed metal products, serving the Construction, Original Equipment and Defense Industries since 1887.
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CMI is proud to offer an excellent selection of products, coupled with high-volume production capacity, a broad range of equipment capabilities and innovative design engineering. We leverage these characteristics to build long-term customer relationships.
          PART 1GENERAL
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete items below not required for project.
          A.Steel roof deck and accessories.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.
          A.Section 03 31 00 - Structural Concrete.
          B.Section 05 12 13 - Architecturally-Exposed Structural Steel Framing.
          C.Section 05 21 13 - Deep Longspan Steel Joist Framing.
          D.Section 05 31 13 - Steel Floor Decking.
          E.Section 05 50 00 - Metal Fabrications.
          F.Section 07 20 00 - Thermal Protection.
          G.Section 07 22 13 - Asphaltic Perlite Concrete Deck.
          H.Section 07 27 00 - Air Barriers.
          I.Section 07 81 00 - Applied Fireproofing.
          J.Section 09 54 16 - Luminous Ceilings.
          K.Section 09 90 00 - Painting and Coating.
          L.Division 15 - Mechanical: Roof drains.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete references from the list below that are not actually required by the text of the edited section.
          A.ASTM A 653/A 653M - Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-Coated (Galvannealed) by the Hot-Dip Process.
          B.ASTM A 780 - Standard Practice for Repair of Damaged and Uncoated Areas of Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings
          C.AISI - North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members.
          D.AWS D1.3 - Structural Welding Code - Sheet Steel.
          E.Factory Mutual (FM) Guide Listing - FM Approval Guide, Building Materials
          F.Factory Mutual (FM) loss Prevention Data Sheet 1- 29
          G.SDI Code of Standard Practice - 2014
          H.SDI RD - Standard for Steel Roof Deck
          I.SDI RDDM - Roof Deck Design Manual
          J.SDI MOC2 - Manual of Construction with Steel Deck
          K.UL - Fire Resistance Directory.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Edit the following paragraphs as required and applicable to the project requirements. Note that deck loads, structural framing, deck type and thickness, and concentrated loads must be clearly indicated on the Project Drawings.
          A.AISI Specifications: Comply with calculated structural characteristics of steel deck according to AISI's North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members and SDI RDDM Roof Deck Design Manual.
          B.Roof Decking:
          1.Deck shall meet the minimum design gage and yield strength specified on the drawings, or meet minimum specified section properties at specified yield strength.
          2.Whenever possible, the deck shall be multi-span.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Include the following paragraph if Factory Mutual compliance for use as a component in Classes 1-60, 1-75 and 1-90 wind uplift construction is required. Delete if not required.
          C.Factory Mutual Guide Listing: Provide steel roof deck evaluated by FM and listed in its "Approval Guide, Building Materials" for Class 1 fire rating and Class 1-90 windstorm ratings.
          D.Fire-Test-Response Characteristics: Where indicated, provide steel deck units that are approved by UL, LLC and listed in the UL and ULC Fire Resistance Directories.
          A.Submit under provisions of Section 01 30 00 - Administrative Requirements.
          B.Product Data: Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used, including:
          1.Deck property information for the proposed deck units as outlined in section 5.6 of SDI COSP-2014.
          2.Preparation instructions and recommendations.
          3.Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.
          4.Erection instructions.
          C.Shop Drawings: Show location, connections, bearing on supports, methods of anchoring, attachment of accessories, adjusting plate details and the manufacturer's erection instructions and pertinent details.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete the following paragraphs if LEED is not applicable.
          D.LEED Submittals: Provide documentation of how the requirements of Credit will be met:
          1.Product Data for Credit MR 4.1 and MR 4.2: For products having recycled content, documentation including percentages by weight of post consumer and preconsumer recycled content
          a.Include statement indicating costs for each product having recycled content.
          2.Product Data for Credit MR 5.1 and Credit MR 5.2: Submit data, including location and distance from Project of material manufacturer and point of extraction, harvest or recovery for main raw material.
          a.Include statement indicating cost for each regional material and the fraction by weight that is considered regional.
          E.Welders Certificates: Certify welders employed on the Work, verifying AWS qualification within previous 12 months.
          F.Manufacturer's Certificates: Certify products meet or exceed specified requirements.
          A.Manufacturer Qualifications: Member in good standing of Steel Deck Institute (SDI).
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete the following paragraph if testing is not required.
          B.Testing Agency Qualifications: An independent agency qualified according to ASTM E 329 for testing indicated.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete the following paragraph if welding is not required.
          C.Welding: Qualify procedures and personnel according to AWS D1.3, Structural Welding Code - Sheet Steel.
          A.Store products in compliance with SDI MOC2
          B.Separate sheets and store on dry wood sleepers; slope for positive drainage. Cut plastic wrap to encourage ventilation. Protect with a waterproof covering and ventilate to avoid condensation.
          A.Ensure that locating templates and other information required for installation of products of this section are furnished to affected trades in time to prevent interruption of construction progress.
          PART 2PRODUCTS
          A.Acceptable Manufacturer: Corrugated Metals Incorporated, which is located at: 6550 Revlon Drive; Belvidere, IL 61008; Toll Free Tel: 800-621-5617; Fax: 815-323-1317; Email: request info; Web:
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete one of the following two paragraphs; coordinate with requirements of Division 1 section on product options and substitutions.
          B.Substitutions: Not permitted.
          C.Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 - Product Requirements.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Edit the following paragraphs as required and applicable to the project requirements. All steel decking is available in lengths ranging from 12 inches to 90 feet. Extra charges are applied to lengths less than 6 feet 0 inches. Contact Corrugated Matals, Inc if lengths exceeding 40 feet 0 inches are required.
          2.2ROOF DECK
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select the roof Deck type(s) required from the following paragraphs and delete those not required.
          A.Steel Roof Deck - General: Fabricate deck to comply with SDI RD - Standard for Steel Roof Deck, with the minimum section properties indicated. Deck type and thickness shall be as indicated on the Drawings:
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Type B Wide rib deck is Factory Mutual is approved for use as a component in Classes 1-60, 1-75 and 1-90 wind uplift construction. When ratings above 1-90 are required use special requirements in accordance with Factory Mutual Data Sheet 1- 29, Section 2.2.13. Where rigid roofing insulation is used with B deck, a minimum 1 inch thickness is required.
          1.Type B Wide Rib deck is 1-1/2 inches deep and 36 inches wide (38 mm and 914 mm) with nested side laps.
          B.Deck Materials
          1.Sheet steel for galvanized deck shall conform to ASTM A 653/A 653M Structural Steel, with a minimum yield strength of 40 ksi (275 MPa).
          C.Deck Finish:
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select the deck finish required from the following paragraphs and delete those not required. Note that the primer-painted finish is intended to protect the steel for a reasonable installation period while exposed to ordinary atmospheric conditions and shall be considered an impermanent and provisional coating.
          1.Primer-painted finish gray on both the top and bottom sides.
          2.Two-coat bright white primer bottom side and a primer-painted topside.
          3.Two-coat bright white primer bottom side and a galvanized topside.
          A.Galvanizing Repair Paint for Roof Decks: High-zinc-dust content paint for re-galvanizing welds in galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A 780
          B.Fasteners: As manufactured by Hilti, Buildex, Simpson Strong-Tie or approved equal.
          C.Flexible Closure Strips.
          A.Do not install roof deck until supporting construction is in place.
          B.Examine support framing and field conditions for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances and other conditions affecting performance of work of this section.
          C.If supporting construction is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.
          A.Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.
          B.Locate deck bundles to prevent overloading of support members.
          A.Install deck panels and accessories in accordance with the Contract Documents approved installation drawings and requirements of this Section.
          B.Place deck panels on structural supports and adjust to final position with ends aligned. Attach firmly to the supports immediately after placement in order to form a safe working platform.
          C.Cut and neatly fit deck units and accessories around openings and other work projecting through or adjacent to the decking.
          D.Trades that subsequently cut unscheduled openings through the deck are responsible for reinforcing the openings.
          A.Install and fasten deck and accessories in accordance with the Contract Documents, approved installation drawings and requirements of ANSI/SDI RD.
          B.End Bearing: Install deck ends over supports with a minimum end bearing of 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) unless otherwise shown on approved installation drawings.
          C.Side Closures: Fasten to supporting structure and deck in accordance with the Contract Documents, approved installation drawings and requirements of ANSI/SDI RD.
          D.Ridge and valley plates, flat plates at changes of deck direction and sump pans, shall be fastened to the deck in accordance with the Contract Documents, approved installation drawings and requirements of ANSI/SDI RD.
          A.Before roof insulation placement, the deck shall be inspected for tears, dents, or other damage that may prevent the deck from acting as a tight and substantial form. Replace decking which has been damaged or permanently deflected.
          B.Galvanizing Repairs: Prepare and repair damaged galvanized coatings on both surfaces of deck with galvanized repair paint.
          C.Repair Painting: Apply repair paint, of same color as adjacent shop-primed deck, to bottom surfaces of deck exposed to view.
          A.Protect installed products until completion of project.
          B.Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.