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Dynamic Fastener  Roof Snow Guards
SECTION 07 72 53
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          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Dynamic Fastener ; Roof snow guard products and everything for the Metal Builder and Roofer
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          PART 1GENERAL
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete items below not required for project.
          A.Metal Roof Snow Retention System and Fastening Devices.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.
          A.Section 05 36 00 - Composite Metal Decking.
          B.Section 06 11 00 - Wood Framing.
          C.Section 07 22 13 - Asphaltic Perlite Concrete Deck.
          D.Section 07 62 00 - Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim.
          E.Section 07 71 23 - Manufactured Gutters and Downspouts.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete references from the list below that are not actually required by the text of the edited section.
          A.ASTM International (ASTM):
          1.ASTM B85 - Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy Die Castings.
          2.ASTM B221 - Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Extruded Bars, Rods, Wire, Profiles, and Tubes.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Contact the manufacture for additional information. Note that spacing will vary based on several factors including geographical region, snow load and building.
          A.Design Requirements for Systems:
          1.Provide to spacing indicated on the Drawings.
          2.System Design: Snow retention system as designed by the manufacturer.
          3.Components of the system supplied by the same manufacturer.
          4.Accessories and Fasteners: Accessories and fasteners capable of resisting design forces in accordance with local building code.
          A.Submit under provisions of Section 01 30 00 - Administrative Requirements.
          B.Product Data: Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used, including:
          1.Preparation instructions and recommendations.
          2.Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.
          3.Installation methods.
          C.Shop Drawings: Prepared specifically for this project; showing dimensions of metal roof snow guards and accessories, fastening details and connections and interface with other products.
          D.Verification Samples: For each product specified, two samples, minimum size for extrusions 6 inches (152 mm) long, representing actual product, color, and patterns.
          E.Manufacturer's Certificates: Certify products meet or exceed specified requirements.
          A.Manufacturer Qualifications: Company specializing in production of Metal Roof Snow Guard Products of the type specified with a minimum 5 years documented experience.
          B.Installer Qualifications: Company specializing in installation of Metal Roof Snow Guard Products of the type specified with a minimum 3 years documented experience.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Include a mock-up if the project size and/or quality warrant taking such a precaution. The following is one example of how a mock-up on a large project might be specified. When deciding on the extent of the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project.
          C.Mock-Up: Provide a mock-up for evaluation of surface preparation techniques and application workmanship.
          1.Finish areas designated by Architect.
          2.Do not proceed with remaining work until workmanship, color, and sheen are approved by Architect.
          3.Refinish mock-up area as required to produce acceptable work.
          A.Deliver components to job site properly packaged to provide protection against transportation damage.
          B.Store products in manufacturer's unopened packaging in a clean, dry location until ready for installation.
          C.Stack all materials to prevent damage and to allow for adequate ventilation.
          A.Ensure that products of this section are supplied to affected trades in time to prevent interruption of construction progress.
          A.Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results. Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer's absolute limits.
          PART 2PRODUCTS
          A.Acceptable Manufacturers: Dynamic Fastener Service Incorporated, which is located at: 9911 E. 53rd Street; Kansas City, MO 64133; ASD Toll Free Tel: (800) 821-5448; Tel: (816) 358-9898; Fax: (816) 358-9899; Email: , ; Web:
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete one of the following two paragraphs; coordinate with requirements of Division 1 section on product options and substitutions.
          B.Substitutions: Not permitted.
          C.Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 - Product Requirements.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Edit the following General paragraphs as required and applicable to project LEED requirements. Coordinate project locations for applicable regional credits. Delete the paragraphs that are not applicable or if LEED is not applicable.
          2.2ROOF SNOW GUARDS
          A.Basis of Design: DYNA-GUARD; Snow Retention System for metal roofs as supplied by Dynamic Fastener Service Incorporated.
          1.New construction and retrofitting of existing construction.
          2.Material: 6005A-T6 high tensile aluminum.
          3.Extrusions: Comply with ASTM B85 and ASTM B221.
          a.Lengths: 96 in (2438 mm). T-shaped profile.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete hole spacing options not required.
          b.Hole Spacing: None.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** If the metal roof seam width is not divisible by 4 or 6 in (102 or 153 mm).
          c.1.)Field-Drilled Hole Requirements: 7/16 in (11 mm) on appropriate centers.
          d.Hole Spacing: 4 in (102 mm).
          e.Hole Spacing: 6 in (153 mm).
          f.Hole Spacing: 8 in (204 mm).
          5.SNO-DAMS: Inhibits ability of snow and ice to slide under the DYNA-GUARD.
          a.Slides onto the DYNA-GUARD from either end. One SNO-DAM between every seam is required.
          b.Width: 3 in (76 mm).
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete SNO-DAM option not required.
          c.SNO-DAM Profile: SNO-DAM 2.
          d.SNO-DAM Profile: SNO-DAM 3.
          6.DYNA-CLAMPS: Non-ferrous, non-piercing clamp for attachment to standing seam roofs.
          a.Set Screws: Round-point stainless steel accommodating different profiles of standing seam metal roofs and won't pierce the panel.
          b.Bolts: English standard 5/16-18 bolt (No metric bolts available).
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete DYNA-CLAMP profile options not required.
          c.DYNA-CLAMP Profile: DC-U.
          d.DYNA-CLAMP Profile: DC-SL.
          e.DYNA-CLAMP Profile: DC-NF.
          f.DYNA-CLAMP Profile: DC-DF.
          g.DYNA-CLAMP Profile: DC-TS. One-piece clamp. No insert.
          h.DYNA-CLAMP Profile: DC-ZR. One-piece clamp. No insert.
          7.Aesthetic Sheet Metal Strips: Supplied by others for installation into the DYNA-GUARD T-shaped profile.
          a.Painted strips of same metal material as the roof and painted the same color.
          b.Width of Strips: 2 in (51 mm).
          c.One strip per length of DYNA-GUARD Strips insert into DYNA-GUARD extrusion to help conceal the snow retention system.
          A.Do not begin installation until substrates have been properly prepared.
          B.If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.
          A.Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation and the approved shop drawings.
          B.Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.
          A.Install in accordance with snow retention system manufacturer's instructions and approved shop drawings. Coordinate the installation with the manufacturer of the roof substrate to which it is installed.
          B.Attach using manufacturer's fasteners, spaced in accordance with approved shop drawings.
          C.Install extrusions in such a manner that horizontal lines are true and level and vertical lines are plumb.
          D.Do not allow components to come into contact with dissimilar materials.
          E.Inspect each clamp and component to insure assembly is intact and secured to the roofing per manufacturer's instructions.
          A.Protect installed products until completion of project.
          B.Clean any grease, finger marks or stains from the panels per manufacturer's recommendations.
          C.Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.