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Sunview Patio Doors Ltd. Folding Glass Wall System
SECTION 08 35 13
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          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Sunview Patio Doors Ltd.; folding glass wall system.
This section is based on the products of Sunview Patio Doors Ltd., which is located at:
500 Zenway Blvd.
Woodbridge, ON, Canada L4H 0S7
Toll Free Tel: 800-561-1910
Tel: 905-851-1006
Fax: 905-851-9933
Email: request info
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Sunview Patio Doors start with the most advanced vinyl. It's extruded from Vision Group's state-of-the art equipment, using a high-grade resin recipe unmatched for durability, weight reduction and freedom from wear. The result is beauty, performance and reliability. With the highest quality accessories, colour options and upgrades, Sunview doors receive continuous improvement and ultimately the highest buyer satisfaction, with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business.
Our aim: provide our clientele with superior quality, uncompromising service and highly competitive pricing.
          PART 1GENERAL
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete items below not required for project.
          A.Folding glass wall system. (Muskoka)
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.
          A.Section 06 10 00 - Rough Carpentry.
          B.Section 08 32 13 - Sliding Aluminum-Framed Glass Doors.
          C.Section 08 15 73 - Sliding Plastic Doors.
          A.Submit under provisions of Section 01 30 00 - Administrative Requirements.
          B.Product Data:
          1.Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used.
          2.Preparation instructions and recommendations.
          3.Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.
          4.Typical installation methods.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete selection samples if colors have already been selected.
          C.Selection Samples: For each finish product specified, two complete sets of color chips representing manufacturer's full range of available colors and patterns.
          D.Verification Samples: For each finish product specified, two samples, minimum size 6 inches (150 mm) square representing actual product, color, and patterns.
          E.Shop Drawings: Include elevations of each opening and details of materials, construction and finish. Include relationship with adjacent construction.
          A.Manufacturer Qualifications: Company specializing in manufacturing products specified in this section with a minimum five years documented experience.
          B.Installer Qualifications: Company specializing in performing Work of this section with minimum two years documented experience with projects of similar scope and complexity.
          C.Source Limitations: Provide each type of product from a single manufacturing source to ensure uniformity.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Include mock-up if the project size or quality warrant the expense. The following is one example of how a mock-up on might be specified. When deciding on the extent of the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project. Delete if not required.
          D.Mock-Up: Construct a mock-up with actual materials in sufficient time for Architect's review and to not delay construction progress. Locate mock-up as acceptable to Architect and provide temporary foundations and support.
          1.Intent of mock-up is to demonstrate quality of workmanship and visual appearance.
          2.If mock-up is not acceptable, rebuild mock-up until satisfactory results are achieved.
          3.Retain mock-up during construction as a standard for comparison with completed work.
          4.Do not alter or remove mock-up until work is completed or removal is authorized.
          A.Convene a conference approximately two weeks before scheduled commencement of the Work. Attendees shall include Architect, Contractor and trades involved. Agenda shall include schedule, responsibilities, critical path items and approvals.
          A.Store and handle in strict compliance with manufacturer's written instructions and recommendations.
          B.Protect from damage due to weather, excessive temperature, and construction operations.
          A.Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results. Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer's recommended limits.
          A.Ensure that products of this section are supplied to affected trades in time to prevent interruption of construction progress.
          A.Manufacturer's Warranty: Provide manufacturer's standard limited warranty.
          PART 2PRODUCTS
          A.Acceptable Manufacturer: Sunview Patio Doors Ltd., which is located at: 500 Zenway Blvd.; Woodbridge, ON, Canada L4H 0S7; Toll Free Tel: 800-561-1910; Tel: 905-851-1006; Fax: 905-851-9933; Email: request info; Web:
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete one of the following two paragraphs; coordinate with requirements of Division 1 section on product options and substitutions.
          B.Substitutions: Not permitted.
          C.Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 - Product Requirements.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Providing comfort and convenience the Muskoka lets you experience more of the great outdoors whenever you like. Whether it's more light, fresh air, or simply the freedom to walk in or out as you please, the Muskoka will add an exciting new dimension to you home, cottage, or commercial property.
          A.Basis of Design: Muskoka Folding Glass Wall System; as manufactured by Sunview Patio Doors Ltd.
          1.Performance and Design Requirements
          a.Air Leakage Rating: A3-0.1 L/s.sq.m.
          b.Water Penetration Resistance: 720 Pa (15 psf).
          c.Design Pressure: 2400 Pa (50 psf).
          2.Panel Thickness: 1.625 inches (41.3 mm).
          3.Panel Height: _____.
          4.Panel Height: As indicated on Drawings.
          5.Opening Width: _____.
          6.Opening Width: As indicated on Drawings.
          7.Panels made from heavy gauge aluminum.
          8.Corner keys encased in welded PVC.
          9.High-performance automotive gasket system.
          10.Low maintenance sill at primary active panels.
          11.Easy adjustment "auto locking collar."
          12.Superior weather sealing.
          13.Sash reinforced with steel to withstand higher wind loads.
          14.Double perimeter seal.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete configurations not required.
          15.Configuration: 3 Panel, all fold in one direction.
          16.Configuration: 3 Panel, two fold in one direction, one swings in opposite direction.
          17.Configuration: 4 Panel, three fold in one direction, one swings in opposite direction.
          18.Configuration: 5 Panel, three fold in one direction, two fold in opposite direction.
          19.Configuration: 5 Panel, all fold in one direction.
          20.Configuration: 6 Panel, five fold in one direction, one swings in opposite direction.
          21.Configuration: 6 Panel, three fold in one direction, three fold in opposite direction.
          22.Configuration: 7 Panel, all fold in one direction.
          23.Configuration: 7 Panel, five fold in one direction, two fold in opposite direction.
          24.Configuration: 7 Panel, four fold in one direction, three fold in opposite direction.
          25.Configuration: 8 Panel, seven fold in one direction, one swings in opposite direction.
          26.Configuration: 8 Panel, five fold in one direction, three fold in opposite direction.
          27.Insulating Glass: One-inch (25 mm), argon-filled, Low-E coated, tempered, sealed, insulating glass.
          a.Handle: Heavy-duty, stainless steel locking system which provides six locking points.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete finishes not required.
          1)Handle Finish: White.
          2)Handle Finish: Black.
          3)Handle Finish: Satin nickel.
          4)Handle Finish: Polished brass.
          5)Handle Finish: Oil bronze.
          b.Reinforced polymer wheels.
          c.Heavy-duty machined hinges.
          d.Patented in-line pivot system.
          29.Accessories and Options:
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete accessories and options not required.
          a.Internal mini-blinds.
          b.Decorative Internal Grills: Flat, two-tone.
          c.Decorative Internal Grills: Flat, white.
          d.Decorative Internal Grills: Georgian, two-tone.
          e.Decorative Internal Grills: Georgian, white.
          f.Decorative Internal Grills: Pencil, white.
          g.Decorative Internal Grills: Pencil, brass.
          h.Decorative Internal Grills: Pencil, pewter.
          i.Decorative Internal Grills: Square, white.
          j.Decorative Internal Grills: Square, brass.
          k.Decorative Internal Grills: Square, pewter.
          ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete finish options not required.
          30.Finish: To be selected by Architect.
          31.Finish: As indicated on Drawings.
          32.Finish: _____.
          A.Do not begin installation until substrates have been properly constructed and prepared.
          B.If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect in writing of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.
          A.Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.
          B.Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.
          A.Install in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, approved submittals and in proper relationship with adjacent construction.
          A.Clean products in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
          B.Protect installed products until completion of project.
          C.Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.