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SGM, Inc. Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish
SECTION 09 97 23
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          NOTE ** Southern Grouts and Mortars; Diamond Brite(tm), River Rok, and Durazzo 'plaster' finishes.
This section is based on the product of Southern Grouts and Mortars, Inc., which is located at:
1502 SW 2nd Place
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Tel: (954) 943-2288
Fax: (954) 943-2402
SGM exposed aggregate finishes are exceptionally durable swimming pool and spa finishes that are longer lasting and more colorful than traditional plaster. In particular, they are resistant to spot etching and discoloration that affects plastered pools, will stand up to the harshest pool environments, and can be cleaned by acid washing several times throughout their life span without sustaining permanent damage.
          PART 1GENERAL
          NOTE ** Delete items below not required for project.
          A.Preparation of existing pool surfaces.
          B.Exposed aggregate pool finish.
          C.Pool start-up, including filling, adjusting chemistry, and brushing for specified initial start-up period.
          NOTE ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.
          A.Section 09 26 00 - Veneer Plastering.
          B.Section 09 30 00 - Tiling.
          A.Submit under provisions of Section 01 30 00 - Administrative Requirements.
          B.Selection Samples: Color samples showing manufacturer's full selection.
          C.Manufacturer's installation instructions.
          D.One copy of each of the following, for Owner's use:
          1.National Spa and Pool Institute 'Pool Plaster Technology.'
          2.National Plasterers Council 'Start-Up Do's and Don'ts for Newly Plastered Swimming Pools.'
          3.National Plasterers Council 'Care Tips for New Swimming Pool Plaster.'
          E.Submit batch numbers of bags used to Owner for warranty purposes.
          A.Installer Qualifications: Experienced in installation of pool plasters or trained by coating manufacturer.
          A.Provide manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty to pool owner.
          A.Provide one bag of each batch used in mix to Owner, with description of mix ratio used and installation instructions, for Owner's use in making repairs.
          PART 2PRODUCTS
          A.Pool Coating: Southern Grouts and Mortars, 1502 SW 2nd Place, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. ASD. Tel: (800) 641-9247 or (954) 943-2288. Fax: (954) 943-2402. Email:
          B.Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 - Product Requirements.
          NOTE ** Delete paragraph above or below; coordinate with Division 1 requirements.
          C.Substitutions: Not permitted.
          NOTE ** SGM exposed aggregate finishes come in many colors and some different aggregate sizes. All colors are subject to shade variations, some of which can be avoided by proper mixing. The intense and deep colors are particularly prone to shade variations, mottling, scale, and efflorescence, especially when aggravated by the mineral or metal content of the mixing water and pool fill water. When selecting colors, the Owner should be made aware of the possible difficulties of achieving a completely uniform finish.
NOTE ** Select one of the following three finishes and delete the others.
          A.Pool Coating: SGM Diamond Brite(tm) exposed aggregate finish, made with 100 percent quartz aggregate and polymer modified cement.
          1.Color: As selected from manufacturer's full line.
          2.Color: ______________.
          3.Provide enough material to have sufficient quantity for replacement of unsatisfactory work.
          B.Pool Coating: SGM River Rok exposed aggregate finish, made with naturally colored stones and polymer modified cement.
          1.Color: As selected from manufacturer's full line.
          2.Color: ______________.
          3.Provide enough material to have sufficient quantity for replacement of unsatisfactory work.
          C.Pool Coating: SGM Durazzo polished marble finish, made with select premium marble aggregate and polymer modified cement.
          1.Color: As selected from manufacturer's full line.
          2.Color: ______________.
          3.Provide enough material to have sufficient quantity for replacement of unsatisfactory work.
          D.Bond Coat: SGM Bond Kote.
          E.Hydraulic Cement (Pool Patch): SGM Instant Hydraulic Cement.
          F.Patching Cement: SGM Vinyl Patching Compound or SGM Sand Topping Mix and Concrete Bonding Agent.
          G.Water: Potable water without detrimental minerals, metals, hardness, or alkalinity; if in doubt, verify quality with coating manufacturer.
          A.Examine pool surfaces to identify conditions that might interfere with proper bonding of coating.
          1.Look for algae, mold, or mildew.
          2.Look for dirt, paint, mortar droppings, patching compounds, loose tile, cracked plaster, etc.
          3.Identify hollow spots in plaster by sounding.
          B.Clean pool surfaces of all material that might interfere with proper bonding of coating.
          1.Clean with high pressure water or by sand blasting.
          2.Wash with chlorine until algae, mold, and mildew are gone.
          3.Wash oil and grease spots using trisodium phosphate and water; soak if necessary.
          NOTE ** The following 2 paragraphs apply only to existing pools being resurfaced. Delete if not required.
          C.Remove and repair all hollow and delaminated plaster.
          1.Saw an area 3 inches around bad spots and remove plaster inside the saw cut.
          2.Undercut the edges of remaining plaster.
          3.Fill holes with specified patching cement to level of existing plaster.
          D.Remove loose tile and fittings; remove 2 inches of tile and underlying plaster and undercut 3/8 inch.
          E.Stop water penetration from outside pool. Plug cracks and leaks around fittings using hydraulic cement (pool patch).
          F.Etch cleaned surface with muriatic acid solution. Use concentration necessary to clean and roughen surface; smooth surfaces may require higher concentration. Neutralize surface with solution of baking soda and water.
          G.Plug pool inlets and outlets to prevent clogging.
          H.Mark location of fittings using tape on coping or on a measured drawing.
          I.Provide sump pump at main drain to remove all running and standing water.
          A.Do not begin installation until concrete pool shell has cured at least 28 days.
          B.Apply coating in accordance with coating manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.
          C.On existing plastered surfaces, apply bond coat with stippled finish.
          D.Mix coating to produce best quality and consistent color throughout. If material from more than one batch number is used, mix all batches together for color consistency.
          E.Apply, trowel, and expose aggregate using methods and sequence selected to produce the most uniform finish. Avoid practices that may cause washouts, shadows, streaks, or discoloration.
          F.At areas that will be above water line, take care to avoid blisters or hollows and water cure for 7 to 28 days to reduce possibility of shrinkage cracking.
          G.Replace areas of non-uniform appearance.
          A.Allow coating to air dry before filling pool; avoid filling too soon that could cause mottling; avoid drying out causing shrinkage cracking.
          B.Filter pool water using a carbon tank and sequestering agent to remove contaminants that might cause staining.
          C.Fill pool and start circulation system when water level is above return inlets; circulate water continuously for the first 3 days.
          D.Test water and adjust chemistry to best avoid discoloration and scale. Refer to coating manufacturer's recommendations and National Spa and Pool Institute 'Pool Plaster Technology' and National Plasterer's council 'Start-Up Do's and Don't for Newly Plastered Swimming Pools.'
          E.Brush entire coated surface twice a day for the first 3 days. Thereafter, brush entire surface once a day for 2 weeks.
          F.Do not use wheeled vacuums for at least 14 days (to avoid wheel marks) and do not install automatic vacuums for at least 28 days.