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36" x 36" Galvanized Shower Compartment with Flanged Base (Isometric)

36" x 36" Shower Compartment with Rabbeted Base (Isometric)

Headrail Braced Showers - Continuous Brackets

Headrail Braced Showers - Stirrups

shower st183 imp

shower st81152br imp

shower st81152 imp

shower st122 imp

ES B441 - Shower Receptor with Backer Board - One Coat Method

ES WP302 Sheet - Clamping Ring Drain Detail with HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane

ES WP303 - Shower Pan With Secondary Waterproofing - Drain Detail

ES B414 - Shower Receptor - Thick Bed Walls

Low-Profile 3-Door Left-Hand Air Shower

Low-Profile 3-Door Right-Hand Air Shower

Low-Profile 90-Degree Left-Hand Air Shower

Low-Profile 90-Degree Right-Hand Air Shower