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revit Stairs family BIM:

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Cross-Over Ladders: Modular Crossover 1

Cross-Over Ladders: Modular Crossover 2

Cross-Over Ladders: Modular Crossover 3

Cross-Over Ladders: Modular Crossover 4

Stairs: Cement: Camp Logan

Spiral Stairs:: 30 Degrees Tread Clockwise

Spiral Stairs: 30 Degrees Tread Counterclockwise

Sample Spiral Stair Configurations

Spiral Stairs Example Usage Video

Stairs and Railings: Example Configurations

Automatic Electric Disappearing Stair

Automatic Super Simplex Disappearing Stair

Alternating Tread Ladder

Fixed Industrial Stair

Attic Stairs: LMS – Steel ladder with Sealed and Insulated door R=5.2, ANSI Tested, 350 lbs. Load Capacity

Attic Stairs: LST – Steel Scissor ladder, Insulated and Sealed door R=5.2, 350 lbs. Load Capacity, 7’6’’ – 10’10’’

Attic Stairs: LWP – Wooden ladder with Sealed and Insulated door R=5.9, ANSI Tested, 300 lbs. Load Capacity

Attic Stairs: LWT – THERMO Wooden ladder Triple Sealed and highly Insulated door R=12.5 ANSI Tested, 300 lbs. Load Capacity

Fire Protection Specialties: Detection-Alarm-Emergency: Fire Escape