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The videos below showcase building products, and provide important features and aesthetics.
  About Draper, Inc.
  TecVision Engineered Screen Technology by Draper, Inc.
  How to install Drapers Bottom-Up FlexShade
  Motorized FlexShades Installed at Moriarty Middle School in NM
  Motorized FlexShades by Draper installed in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  Drapers New Bottom-Up FlexShade
  Motorized FlexShades at IUPUI by Draper
  FlexShade XD Manual Window Shades by Draper
  Motorized FlexShades and Premier Projection Screen by Draper
  Drapers Motorized FlexShades
  Draper Dual Roller FlexShades
  Drapers Motorized LightBloc FlexShades
  Baronet Projection Screen Installation Video
  Premier Projection Screen Installation Video
  Clarion Projection Screen Installation Video
  Drapers Access Dual Roller FlexShades Video
  Short Demo of TorkStar Utility Line Set System by Draper - Video
  Window Shades SpecWizard from Draper
  Rolleramic Projection Screen by Draper - Video
  FlexShade with Bead Chain and Small End Caps Installation Demo Video
  FlexShade XD Clutch Installation Demo Video
  Manual FlexShades - Bead Chain Clutch Installation Demo Video
  Drapers Luma 2 Projection Screen Installation Demo - Video
  Drapers Luma 2 Projection Screen Installation Demo - Video
  Setting the Motor Limits on a Draper Scissor Lift
  The Artisan M Projection Screen by Draper
  The Phantom Projector Lift by Draper, Inc.
  Drapers Artisan V Projection Screen
  Drapers Micro Projector Lift MPL
  Draper Dual Roller with Fascia and Targa Projection Screen
  Motorized FlexShades from Draper, Inc.
  Draper Gymnasium Fold-Up Divider Curtains
  The Orbiter Video Projector Lift by Draper
  AutoReturn Spring Roller for Manual Screens by Draper
  Drapers Window Shade Coupler System