NuAire Laboratory Equipment Supply Videos

The videos below showcase building products, and provide important features and aesthetics.
  NuAire Centrifuges AACR 2014
  NuAire Polypropylene Products PITTCON 2014
  AllerGard NU-620 Animal Transfer Station Airflow Demonstration
  NuAire In-VitroCell CO2 Incubators Video Brochure
  AACR 2013 - NuAire Class II Biosafety Cabinet
  PITTCON 2013 - NuAire In-VitroCell CO2 Incubator
  Chapter 7: Working Safely BSC: Maintenance & Certification
  Chapter 6: Working Safely BSC: When Work is Completed
  Chapter 5a: Working Safely BSC: Experience Ergonomics
  Chapter 5: Working Safely BSC: Working With and In Your NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet
  Chapter 4: Working Safely BSC: Procedures and Techniques
  Chapter 3: Working Safely BSC: Proper Preparation, Steps to Take Before You Begin Work
  Chapter 2: Working Safely BSC: Understanding the Biological Safety cabinet
  Chapter 1: Working Safely BSC: Introduction
  Pharmagard PRNR797 Airflow
  Changing the Gloves of the Pharmagard PR797
  Changing Sleeves on a Pharmagard PR797 Isolator
  Changing Sleeves on the Pharmagard NRNTE797
  Starting up a Pharmagard 797 Isolator
  Introducing Compounding Materials to a Pharmagard Isolator
  Arrival & Inspection of a new Pharmagard Isolator
  Waste Sharps disposal with a Pharmagard NRNTE797
  Maintaining First-Air Sterility
  Working Safely in your BSC, Motion Control Burner
  Working Safely in Your BSC, Arm Movement Disruptions
  Adjusting the IV Bar of a Pharmagard 797
  Inspecting the Adjustable Base Stand of a Pharmagard Isolator
  Laboratory Safety Starts with Proper Ergonomics
  Never block the inflow grille
  NuAire CellGard ES Offers More Under the Hood
  PharmaGard NRNTE 797 Smokeflow Demo
  Routine cleaning of a Pharmagard Isolator
  Waste Sharps Disposal of a Pharmagard PR797
  Work from Clean to Contaminated
  Working Safely in Your BSC, Disinfecting Work Surface
  Working Safely in Your BSC, Smoke flow demonstration

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