Draw. Design. Explore. ... In VR

(install for: HTC Vive - Steam)

Model with ease and quickness.

Explore ideas.

Export your creation to other applications.

New to VRCAT?

See a quick sketch and saving.

Ease of use allows for unencumbered idea flow into a 3D world you create. Sketch a shape of a new house, museum, art center or sculpture. Walk and fly above your creations like no other medium.

Modeling the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum ...
In just 5 minutes!

Just think what Frank could have created in VR ...

I wonder what you can create.

"I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies."

- Le Corbusier



import / export?

YES and YES.

Keep reading to expand your use of VRCAT.


"Yes is more."

- Bjarke Ingels

C:\Users\<YOU>\AppData\LocalLow\ARCAT, Inc_\VRCAT
This folder is where you can have some fun.
The folders in this folder are where you can customize what it loaded when VRCAT starts.
Place any OBJ / MTL files exported from other 3D modelers here.
They will be loaded into your custom objects palette.
The save in VRCAT will export your project to the saves folder.
You can use these OBJ / MTL files in other applications like Revit, Sketchup or Maya.
Place any 2D meshes exported as OBJ files exported from other 3D modelers here.
They will be loaded into your brushes palette.
This is likely too much for most. These scripts instruct VRCAT to draw lines.
Currently, there is one command - DRAW LINE. This is an example:
DRAW LINE: rectangle straight COLOR:0,1,0.5,0.2 SCALE:0.02 POS:0,0.05,0 ROT:0,71,57 SCALE:0.5 SCALE:0.03 POS:0,0.06,0 ROT:0.05,0,51

command: DRAW LINE
rectangle: is the name of the custom brush OBJ file, in the custom_brushes folder, used for the extrusion
straight: line type (only line type at the moment)
COLOR: RGB floats
Start and end SCALEs: float
Start and end POSs and ROTs: XYZ

A simple javascript program can generate commands you can copy and paste to a script file that you can save in your scripts folder.

Try these out and have some fun.


"Machines take me by surprise with great frequency."

- Alan Turing


A simple diarama
of a river in a small city.

In about 30 minutes
you can create a small kit with cars,
trees, planters, road, people
and, yes, fish and ducks.
city diarama with cars, people, buildings and a river