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Prefabricated metal buildings, shelters, and metal canopies galore! Guard buildings, attendant booths, press boxes, information/ticket booths, cash transaction buildings/booths, parking booths, toll booths, storage buildings, restroom buildings, smoking or transit shelters, and metal canopies. All with so many design options to enhance your site and your functional needs.

As Cutter Straight says, "High Class Designs, Durable, Cost Effective Product, Home Town Friendly Service".


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Security/Guard Buildings image

Security/Guard Buildings

See web site for design options. Fully assembled and ready to use in various sizes, can include exterior finishes and colors, slide / swing doors, full electrical package, A/C, heat, counter, windows, security lights, intercoms, bullet and blast resistant windows and walls, gun ports - nice quality and able to meet all state codes.
Attendant Booths image

Attendant Booths

Slide/swing door, fixed/sliding windows, counter, full electrical package, ADA options, A/C, heat, cash transaction drawers, speak-thrus '- many design, size and color options '- see web site.
Press Boxes image

Press Boxes

Many size options, home-visitor-press sections, fixed/sliding windows, safety glazing, non-reflective glass, full length scoring table, full length wire chase for communication lines, camera deck with internal access ladder, entry platforms with railings, elevated steps, supports; designed to meet 4'" sphere and anti-climbing regs.
Information Booth image

Information Booth

So many designs, slide / fixed windows, slide / swing doors, full electrical, A/C, heat, speak thrus, cost-effective designs
Cash Transaction / Ticket Booths image

Cash Transaction / Ticket Booths

Numerous sizes and designs surround the functional needs. Cash/ticket pass thru drawer, phones, intercoms, speak thrus, lockable drawer/safe, counter, heat, A/C with full electrical package ready to hook up, slide/swing doors, fixed/slide windows, safety, insulated, tinted, bullet resistant glass, 24/7 durability, rest rooms available.
Storage Buildings image

Storage Buildings

Equipment storage, athletic equipment storage, record storage '- specialized racks.
Guard Shacks image

Guard Shacks

Cost effective weather prevention, portable, also trailered units.
Smoking Shelters image

Smoking Shelters

Numerous sizes and designs available on website. Cost effective Aluminum or sturdy steel shelters with full/half glass, benches, ashtrays, lights, doors, electrical, exhaust fans, all create a neat place appropriate for smokers.
Transit / Bus Shelters image

Transit / Bus Shelters

Extensive list of sizes and designs, cost effective Aluminum or sturdy steel shelters, full or half glass, benches, ash trays, lights, panic buttons, heat / a/c, tinted glass.
Metal Canopies image

Metal Canopies

Fabricated to meet your protective cover needs '- see website for design ideas and call our Engineering Group to design the product you need. Many fascia designs, as well as steel and glazed decking.

Factory built structures offer greater design and delivery speed, construction speed and consistency, durability, and usually are less expensive than site built structures. Being portable, they are depreciable in 5 years like equipment, not 39 years like real property.

Austin Mohawk consistently leads with 80+ years of quality, affordability, and home town service.

Last Update: 2019-09-19