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Along the process of design and construction, incredible stories of conflict and triumph emerge in pursuit of the broad vision for a building. Detailed is a series that features architects, engineers, builders, and manufacturers who share their insight and expertise as they highlight some of the most complex, interesting, and oddest building conditions that they have encountered, and the ingenuity it took to solve them. Join host, Cherise Lakeside, aka CSI Kraken, a Senior Specification Writer at RDH Building Science, as she uncovers lessons learned to help you navigate similar challenges that may arise in your next project.
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48m 29s |

12: Building Enclosure Assemblies

In this episode, Cherise is joined by David C. Young, P.E., Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist at RDH Building Science. Dave shares his expertise and rich experience in this conversation about building defects, building science, things you might not want to do, and other things you should know. To see more about the components discussed, visit

This conversation covers some unique challenges and opportunities - roofing work done at night that led to a failure, recommendations for air barriers, enclosure considerations in relation to wind uplift pressure, seismic forces and thermal expansion, and much more.

32m 12s |

11: Dome | Omnimax Theater

In this episode, Cherise is joined by James Scott Brew, FCSI, AIA, CCCS, CCCA, LEED AP, WELL AP, architect at Nikken Sekkei, the world's second largest architecture firm. James shares his experience working on an IMAX, 3D Dome theater in northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. To see project photos, visit

The design featured a large 2-story curtainwall at the lobby entry--a grand ship-like building form, not unlike the bow of a great lakes ship.

This project provided unique challenges and opportunities - significant pressure to meet a strict deadline to open the building, unqualified labor assembled the curtainwall, and very powerful winds and rain, just days after the grand opening, left a lake in the lobby.

54m 06s | 2022 May 10

10: Project Specifications

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Richard Heiserman, Senior Associate, Architect, AIA, FCSI, CCCA at Ankrom-Moisan Architects in Portland, Oregon, and Jeffrey Potter, Specification Solutions Product Manager at Deltek.

Rick is a licensed Architect with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. In addition to providing technical assistance and spec writing, Rick is also a mentor and technical resource to the teams and staff in his office.

Jeff has 6-1/2 years of experience in AEC and was previously the spec writer for a large west coast firm. Jeff is dedicated to continuing specification education across the industry and transforming specs for future generations.

Rick and Jeff share their expertise and storied experiences to highlight the importance of project specifications. Cherise has jokingly been calling this the “Seasoned vs. Fresh Spec Writer Cage Match”. This conversation provides unique insight into project specifications, the world of spec writing, practical tips for construction documents, special considerations, and how a better understanding of project specifications and the role of spec writer can improve your drawings and overall project.

43m 40s | 2022 Apr 15

09: Aluminum Façade, Electrochromic & Fritted Glass | Malachowsky Hall

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Tom Breslin, Associate at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Tom brings over 20 years of experience to the design team at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. He has contributed to many significant university, institutional and cultural projects ranging from campus master plans to delicate insertions into historic structures. In addition to a life-long interest in the environment and sustainable design, he has a particular focus on the user experience of place and the nature of materials.

Tom shares his experience working on Malachowsky Hall, a 265,000 square foot, 7 story multi-disciplinary academic building that that will connect students and researchers from across disciplines and create a hub for advances in computing, communication and cyber-technologies. The signature design element of the building is the prefabricated exterior wall panel assembly, comprised of custom designed and shop structural and aluminum plate cladding panels and electrochromic glazing for solar and glare control.

Christine Sheppard Ph.D., Director of the Glass Collisions Program at the American Bird Conservancy, discusses the problem of bird strikes with buildings, and shares her insight into things we can do in the design process to mitigate this issue.

This project provided unique challenges and opportunities - creating a hub for cross disciplinary collaboration, a unique façade that created complex trapezoidal windows, and a mandate for bird-friendly glazing which led to fritted glass to mitigate bird strikes.

31m 42s | 2022 Apr 08

08: Expansion Joint | The June Street Collection

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Alan Scales, a principal at KTGY Group Inc. Alan brings over 14 years of experience in urban infill, residential design and construction, and has been responsible for over 20 Small Lot Subdivisions in the City of Los Angeles offering unique solutions to challenging sites. The Small Lot Ordinance allows opportunities to develop a more compact footprint for single-family homes and maximize the lot within existing multifamily zones, all with ownership and long-term commitments to the existing neighborhood in mind.

Alan shares his experience and the story behind The June Street Collection, a small lot single-family detached community comprised of 10 gated, single-family for-sale homes, crafted with style and quality, and boasting design characteristics reflective of the historic Spanish architecture of the fine homes of the surrounding neighborhood. These three-bedroom, two- and three-story stand-alone, fee-simple homes are equipped with high-end finishes, rooftop decks with built-in BBQ and stunning views of the city, plus decks on lower levels of the homes that encourage indoor/outdoor living and maximize the space of a small lot.

Scott Jones, Structural Engineer and Executive Vice President at Wright Engineers, provides insight into the unique conditions and structural design for Small Lot homes.

This small lot community provided unique challenges and opportunities - neighbors were not initially accepting of the project, there was a balancing act of density while fitting into the context of the neighborhood, and a complex condition where the homes are 8" apart...yes, 8 INCHES!

31m 42s | 2022 Apr 01

07: Stone Masonry | Belvedere Castle

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Christine Williamson, founder of the Instagram account @BuildingScienceFightClub, an educational project that teaches architects about building science and construction. She has spent her career in building science forensics, discovering why buildings fail, and working with owners, architects, and builders to remedy the problems. Christine shares her insight into the restoration of Belvedere Castle in Central Park, highlighting her task to answer the question: Could water sufficiently be kept out of the building? Belvedere Castle is a folly, or ornamental building, in Central Park in Manhattan, New York City. Constructed out of Manhattan schist, the building was designed as a focal point in the landscape, only intended to be a place from which to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. It has since been converted to house exhibit rooms, an observation deck, and previously Central Park’s official weather station.

This restoration project presented unique challenges and opportunities - finding a balance between introducing advanced water management systems and historic preservation, managing moisture in a 150 year stone masonry building, and a unique situation where improved air quality during the Covid-19 lockdowns led to algae growth on damp surfaces.

33m 11s | 2022 Mar 25

06: Curtain Wall & Kynar | 250 Taylor

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Ramin Rezvani, Senior associate at Ankrom Moisan Architects. Ramin shares his insight into the design and construction of 250 Taylor, a creative office in Portland, Oregon. As the 2019 winner of the CRE Transformer Award, the 230,650 sq. ft., 10-story, office building is considered one of the most transformative commercial real estate projects of the year by the Portland Business Journal. The straightforward design embodies the composition of Yamhill Historic District at a human scale—revitalizing the pedestrian experience at a key transitional block. To recall the material scale and texture of the district’s masonry buildings, the post-tension concrete building is skinned in a unitized terra cotta, custom kynar finished metal plate, and glass curtain wall. Rooted in place, the project is designed to promote access to air, light, and wellness.

Del Stephens, President and CEO of Dura industries, an approved applicator of high-performance thermally cured organic architectural coatings (PVDF) and certified applicator for PACCAR truck parts, shares his perspective on working through the custom kynar finish on the building and how his company works with designers to customize the perfect coating solution.

This project presented unique challenges and opportunities - an offset building core provided maximum flexibility but added structural challenges, a unitized curtain wall with integral terracotta and custom kynar paint finish, and the signing of a long term tenant deep into design that led to major structural changes.

23m 31s | 2022 Mar 18

05: Casework & CLT | Edes Building

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Mark Oberholzer and Sean Martino, associate principals at KTGY. Mark and Sean share their experience designing the Edes Building, an art gallery and mixed-use space in Morgan Hill, CA. Mass timber was chosen on this project for its natural finish and ability to provide larger spans than standard wood construction. Custom shelving and display units accommodate a myriad of art. Custom-made rotating walls pivot and adjust the flow of gallery visitors to accommodate various-sized art pieces and create a flexible yet unified space. The building also includes a wine bar and a dramatic featured staircase that lights up like a lantern at night.

This project presented unique challenges and opportunities - the building had to be raised above a flood plain, limited space inspired integrated storage and display systems, and continuity of various wood species were an added complexity for interior finishes.

35m 34s | 2022 Mar 11

04: Brick Over Block | Social Housing, Toronto Apartment Towers

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Sarah Gray, P.Eng., Principal and Building Science Specialist, RDH Building Science Inc. Sarah is a self-proclaimed building science nerd, having worked on the design of new buildings and repairs to existing buildings for over 20 years. She shares her experience retrofitting Social housing apartment towers in Toronto, Ontario. These apartment towers, built in the 1960s, are mid to high rise towers, made of a concrete block structure with brick cladding.

Retrofitting this typology presented unique challenges and opportunities - complexities in management have led to the buildings receiving no maintenance or upgrades in 20 years or more, typical government processes seek lowest bids from contractors who may not have experience working with existing buildings, and outdated standards of construction techniques and building codes make retrofitting more complex.

32m 00s | 2022 Mar 04

03: Post-Tensioned Concrete | Moscone Center

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, former CEO of HOK, Chairman of buildingSMART International, author of Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm: The People, Stories and Strategies Behind HOK, and co-host of BUILD SMART. Patrick shares his experience as the Project Manager at HOK overseeing the Moscone Center, a 300,000 sq. ft convention center, the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California. John Igoe, at the time, Assistant to the San Francisco Chief Administrative Officer, provides additional project insight from the perspective of the governing body and client.

Opened in 1981, the Moscone Center has held some of the most important events in modern business and political history, including the Democratic National Convention in 1984, Google’s I/O from 2008-2015, and the announcement of the iPhone in 2007. The Moscone Center has not only provided top-tier event spaces for companies the world over but has also been a significant source of revenue for San Francisco.

The project presented unique challenges and opportunities - an ongoing lawsuit and public pressures, a requirement to build the building below the water table where it faced significant water pressure, and to combat the feeling of being underground, the team came up with and implemented an innovative post-tensioned concrete arch system.

30m 27s | 2022 Feb 25

02: Brick, Glass & CLT | Harder Mechanical Headquarters

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Michael Great, Managing Design Principal and Director of Design Strategy at Ankrom Moisan Architects to highlight Harder Mechanical Headquarters, a 25,000 sq. ft., two-story, CLT office building located in Portland, Oregon. Michael Strachan, Marketing Manager at Harder Mechanical also contributes to provide client perspective and insight.

The project presented unique challenges and opportunities - the owner, a mechanical and plumbing subcontractor, self-performed their own scope, the process included an adapted integrated project delivery method, a desire to showcase Harder's own work and innovation led to exposed ceilings, structure and mechanical systems, and special conditions like a historic neighborhood and civil unrest led to remarkable material challenges and solutions.

49m 26s | 2022 Feb 18

01: Inaugural Episode

In this inaugural episode, Cherise colors outside of the lines, veering from the planned format, to set a baseline for the show. Martin Houston, AIA, LEED AP, a building enclosure specialist, joins the show to share his diverse experience in architecture, construction, and building science. In this wide ranging conversation Cherise and Marty share some of their primary concerns about AEC industry processes and highlight their top lessons that you should take away to help you better navigate your next project.

3m 13s | 2022 Jan 21

00: Welcome to Detailed!

Every building has a story. Along the process of design and construction, incredible stories of conflict and triumph emerge in pursuit of the broad vision for a building. Detailed is a series that features architects, engineers, builders, and manufacturers who share their insight and expertise as they highlight some of the most complex, interesting, and oddest building conditions that they have encountered, and the ingenuity it took to solve them. Join host, Cherise Lakeside, aka CSI Kraken, a Senior Specification Writer at RDH Building Science, as she uncovers lessons learned to help you navigate similar challenges that may arise in your next project. Detailed, coming February 2022! Subscribe now to follow along and gain valuable knowledge to help you navigate your next project! Check out more details at ARCAT. If you enjoy this show, you can find similar content at Gābl Media.

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Cherise Lakeside
Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT
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Cherise has experience with many facets of the project team in the built environment. She has worked mostly in architecture with stints in construction, MEP Engineering, and now building science during her career.

Cherise is a CSI Fellow, Past President and current Certification Chair of the Portland Chapter of CSI and former Director-at-Large on the Institute Board. She currently teaches the CSI CDT certification program and has had hundreds of students over the last 9 years.

Cherise is passionate about young professional development, public speaking/education (300+ over the last 8 years) and is particularly interested in improving project coordination and communication. Her latest adventure is as the host of this podcast!

When Cherise isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, live music, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, good whiskey and seeking out new experiences (she calls it her "adventure list"!

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