85: Ovals in Sandstone | Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl's School

58m 20s |
In this episode, Cherise is joined by Diana Kellogg, Architect at Diana Kellogg Architects based in New York City. They discuss the Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl's School in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

Originally designed to be a multi-structure campus, the Rajkumari Ratnavati School serves hundreds of girls below the poverty line, equipping them with tools for education and independence.

Constructed with hand-cut local sandstone in the shape of an oval, the building’s form reflects the curvilinear shapes of the local forts, as well as symbols of female strength.
Photo Credit: Vinay Panjwani


Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT  image
Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT
Senior Spec Writer | RDH Building Science
Diana Kellogg image
Diana Kellogg
Owner/Principal | Diana Kellogg Architects