59: Shipping Container | The Pitch

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In this episode, Cherise is joined by Mark Odom, Founding Principal at Mark Odom Studio in Austin, Texas. They discuss "The Pitch" in Austin, Texas.

The Pitch is Austin’s distinct hospitality and entertainment complex for Austin FC soccer fans and the community. The mixed-use complex comprises 23 repurposed shipping containers of two standard container modular sizes: 8x20 and 8x40 foot. The containers are stacked to create two stories and then clustered into five separate building pods, with varying building square footages, that function differently for the users while creating a dense visual and physical experience and view onto the landscape.

Dive deep into the challenges and opportunities they encountered along the way. From early explorations of container construction to blending containers with the landscape, the team sought to create a space that would draw people in. With a focus on brand, identity, and user experience, they transformed containers into food vendors, retail spaces, co-working areas, and more. Learn how the project pushed the limits of shipping containers while maintaining their structural integrity and capturing the essence of the container aesthetic.

This project had unique challenges and opportunities:
- Navigating a new method of construction for the developer, architect, and building department.
- Overcoming spatial limitations and finding ways to make the containers comfortable and functional.
- Creating an immersive and unique experience for visitors by reimagining the use of containers.
- and much more!


Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT  image
Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT
Senior Spec Writer | RDH Building Science
Mark Odom image
Mark Odom
Founding Principal | Mark Odom Studio