88: Interdisciplinary Design | The William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation

43m 30s |
In this episode, Cherise is joined by Ted Hyman, Partner, and Vlad Pajkic, Partner from ZGF Architects, a firm with multiple offices across North America and 750+ staff.

Crafted as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's inaugural interdisciplinary structure, the Frost Center seamlessly amalgamates three colleges within a single architectural embrace.

It stands as a pioneering example of the evolution in classroom and laboratory design, embodying an open, welcoming, and adaptable space tailored to accommodate the educational needs of an expanding and diverse undergraduate student community.
Photo Credit: Magda Biernat


Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT  image
Cherise Lakeside, FCSI, CDT
Senior Spec Writer | RDH Building Science
Ted Hyman image
Ted Hyman
Partner | ZGF Architects
Vlad Pajkic image
Vlad Pajkic
Partner | ZGF Architects