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Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. is a family owned business which was founded on quality and service in 1958. Though Ballew's started as a retail awning company, it has grown into a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial canopies and walkway covers, as well as stepdown awning materials, three styles of screen rooms, mobile home roof-over systems, carports, patio covers, and insulated rooms.

Ballew's manufacturing facilities are located in Greer, South Carolina, Southaven, Mississippi, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These locations make it possible to deliver in a vast area with Ballew's own delivery trucks. By maintaining consistent delivery routes, Ballew's is able to limit material damage and guarantee the same quality and service upon which the company was founded.


Extruded Covers  

Ballew's aluminum offers extruded covers, as well as more economical roll-formed covers for any application.

Whether it be commercial parking areas, entrance doors, walkways between buildings, handicapped ramp covers, or break areas, Ballew's has the right protective cover for your specific needs.

Ballew's offers extruded covers for commercial and industrial applications. Standard parts, finishes, and colors are kept in stock for immediate job needs. Custom shapes and finishes are available upon request. Roll-formed items are readily available for a more economical alternative when needed.

Extruded Cover Applications:

Walkway Cover

Entrance Cover

Dock Cover

Shopping Centers


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Flat Pan Covers  

Your car deserves a Ballew's aluminum carport. Shelter your car or boat from rain, hail, snow, and blistering heat. Ballew's carports are made from aluminum, custom cut to the size that fits your needs. Our aluminum carports have the handsome baked-on finish as well as the strength of aluminum to give you beauty, durability, and minimal maintenance cost.

  • Our Flat Pan Covers are also great for patio covers and covered walkways.
  • Engineered to meet all standards
  • Customized for your home
  • Adds beautiful additions to your home at very economical prices
  • Many color combinations to choose from
  • Beauty, rugged construction, maintenance free, clean line design

Flat Pan Cover Applications:

Walkway Covers
Patio Covers
Overhead Marquees

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Insulated Rooms  

Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. has developed the most installer-friendly room on the market. It is crafted with top quality aluminum extrusions and vinyl windows to create a 3" room system that has an unbeatable color match and is virtually no maintenance.Ballew's Freedom Glass Sunroom gives you the Freedom to enjoy the outoors all year long!


  • Vinyl insulated clear, tempered, horizontal sliding windows complete with screens and low-e glass .
  • Windows, transoms, and sidelights come with AAMA certification.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Inside removable fiberglass screens to simplify cleaning.
  • Interlocking meeting rails to seal out the elements.
  • Adjustable brass rollers to provide trouble-free operation.

Wall Components

  • Carefully painted to match the vinyl windows.
  • All extrusions have a thermal break that inhibits heat or cold transfer.
  • Extra wide space in electrical raceways makes for easy installation of boxes and receptacles.
  • Wall panels are 3" polystyrene filled with cedar or stucco masonite on both sides.
  • Male h-studs available if pre-building is desired.
  • Wall panels are 3" thick polystyrene with a flame retardant vinyl covering on both sides.

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Mobile Home Roof-Overs  

Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. manufactures high quality mobile home roof over systems as well as materials for rv awnings and camper awnings. This system guards against the effects of water and wind damage while increasing the R-value of the home by as much as 97%!

These mobile home roof overs are manufactured with pans that have a baked on enamel finish. Ballew's also uses double-sided foil backed Styrofoam for the highest R-value possible. Our aluminum products for rv awnings and camper awnings are also high quality aluminum with a baked on finish.

The Ballew's mobile home roof over system triple seals the roof with three protective layers: two full inches of foam insulation, vent guard tape, and aluminum pans with a baked on enamel finish. It is important to note that there are no holes drilled through the surface of the roof.Benefits for Mobile Home Roof Overs

  • Guard against the effects of water and wind damage
  • Guard against costly repair bills
  • Guard against outside noise
  • And save energy and money

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Screen Rooms  

Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. offers three different styles of no maintenance screen room systems. The first is the traditional style with a continuous kickplate. The second is a slotted style with individual kickplate panels in each section of the screen room system, and the third is a pickett style which will provide a more open view while still meeting building code.

These lineals are extruded aluminum 6063 T6 minimum wall thickness .040 and are available in white, bronze, and ivory. Ballew's offers an 18" x 14" charcoal fiberglass mesh in widths from 36 in. to 84 in., as well as the flat spline needed for assembly.

Screen doors are pre-hung for easy installation and are available in white, ivory, and bronze - complete with hardware.

Screen Room Features:

  • Traditional (lineals)
  • Slotted (lineals)
  • Pickett Style
  • Pool Cages

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Stepdown Awnings  

Ballew's Aluminum window and patio awnings are custom made to your specific needs and are made out of top quality aluminum products. Our awnings have neat, clean lines and color accents to enhance the beauty of your home. The perfect aluminum patio awning can now become a reality.Now you can enjoy the finest quality awning canopies under the sun

  • 14 color combinations to match the decor of your home
  • Aluminum window awnings are custom fabricated and installed to fit each window
  • Protect your investment in carpet, furniture, and drapes by reducing the glare of the sun
  • Our awning canopies require practically no maintenance because each awning is constructed from aluminum with a baked-on paint finish
  • Energy savings - Reduces summer temperatures in your home.


Aluminum Window Awnings (R)
Aluminum Patio Awnings
Carports (R)

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W-Pan Covers  

Ballew's walkway covers and overhead canopies feature total aluminum construction with simple clean lines and pleasant appearance. The appearance blends in and will compliment any facility. The gutter system is designed to transport and dispose of water very rapidly.Architects and installers can rely on a proven, quality product from an industry leader in aluminum fabrication. Custom designs are available depending on your project specifications.Some example applications include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Loading docks
  • Parking areas
  • Airports

Ballew's Features:

Walkway Covers
Patio Covers
Overhead Marquees

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Insulated Covers  

Insulated covers are the perfect product to reduce noise, provide shade, and give protection from rain, hail, or snow. Ballew's offers two different styles to fit any budget.

3" Laminated Panel

These panels are made with a styrofoam core and aluminum on both sides. They have a baked-on enamel finish, which makes them virtually maintenance free. Universal locks make them easy to use in "hard to get to" areas. Best of all, they are Energy Star rated.

3" Flat Pan with Styrofoam and Protector Pans

This style incorporates our flat pan and styrofoam insulation covered by an aluminum protector pan. This style is a great solution for projects with a limited budget. To make this product even more budget friendly, you may begin by purchasing just the cover and add the protector pans at a later date. Protector pans are especially important to use in areas that receive large amounts of hail to shield the roof panels and prevent unsightly dents.

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Aluminum Handrail Systems  

Get the strength of steel without the rust, the aesthetics of vinyl without the cracking, and the low cost of wood without the warping or yearly maintenance.

Ballew's Aluminum System is versatile, lightweight, and easy to fabricate. Stocked in white and bronze, they compliment any home or commercial building. A baked-on enamel finish is applied to provide years of bright and vibrant color without the yearly painting or sealing that are common with conventional units.

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Overhead Canopies  

Ballew's has a fully engineered system for marquee style covers. Whether it is a dock cover or storefront, our covers are practical and complimentary. these canopies may be constructed with roll-formed w-pans, flat pans, or extruded pans and gutters.

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Design Manual  

Ballew's Aluminum Products design manual provides technical information about our products to help you decide which product will work best for you particular application. The full design manual is available below for download in product-specific sections. Please choose the section you wish to view or download.

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Photo Gallery  

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