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InVeris Training Solutions (formerly Meggitt Training Systems) is the leading supplier of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems supporting defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial shooting range owners., InVeris and its legacy company, Caswell International, invented the modern day shooting range. Literally. In 1926 we invented the world's first target carrier, followed by the world's first bullet trap, indoor ventilated range, wireless target carrier, and the list continues. Our shooting range innovations can be seen on the 15,000+ shooting ranges and 80,000 infantry targets fielded around the world.


InVeris Training Solutions provides the shooting range design, equipment and installation to meet your requirements. Headquartered in Suwanee, Ga. in a 235,000-square-foot facility, InVeris Training Solutions employs more than 400 people at facilities in the United States, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, the Middle East Singapore and the United Kingdom. With 24/7 customer service and exemplary warranty offerings, InVeris is ready to stand with you.




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Ballistic Ceiling Baffles and Acoustics image

Ballistic Ceiling Baffles and Acoustics

Ensure a safe, noise absorbent, environmentally sound indoor gun range.To run a safe shooting range, you need to contain projectiles, protect against the injury of people and property damage and minimize ricochet threats. InVeris Training Solutions designs ballistic baffles and guards to contain misdirected shots within the range and maintain ballistic integrity. Our baffles and guards contain or redirect bullets to a safe path of travel by closing off the paths that may allow shots to escape, with engineered placement and designs specific to the facility.

Apply baffles and guards that absorb noise. The best gun range designs always address two primary noise considerations in a shooting range: the sound level within and noise transmission outside of the range. This means covering exposed walls, adding overhead baffles, safety ceilings, shooting stalls and a sound range floor. InVeris' ballistic baffles and guards absorb indoor gunfire noise, decreasing the sound level within the range and reducing noise transmission outside of the range.

Protect shooters with the Standard Rubber Paver (SRP) floor covering. A bullet striking concrete will normally produce back spatter and, worse, may dangerously redirect to the shooting area. The SRP provides ballistic protection from errant rounds striking concrete floors. It stops a round hitting the SRP flooring and contains it inside the rubber material. Shock and noise absorbent, the slip-resistant SRP panels will not deteriorate and can be used in outdoor locations.


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GranTrap™ Granulated Rubber Bullet Trap image

GranTrap™ Granulated Rubber Bullet Trap

The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap: The best design technology for bullet capture and containment. Our GranTrap's patented stair-step design uses GranTex™ granulate rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media and the trap captures it predominately intact, minimizing airborne lead dust, averting backsplatter and ricochet, and reducing impact noise. This means a cleaner, safer environment for indoor shooting ranges, maximizing bullet recovery and recycling processes.

We designed the stainless steel, outdoor GranTrap to withstand harsh environmental conditions, preventing corrosion with extensive exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture or chemicals. A lightweight plastic mesh screen can be added to the GranTrap to captures bullets, advert back spatter and prevent ricochet. It also minimizes broken lead particles and improves noise reduction. In short, the GranTrap safely de-energizes and captures bullets intact, providing little to no lead dust or bullet fragmentation.


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Steel Escalator Bullet Trap image

Steel Escalator Bullet Trap - LE 5000 Series

Innovating on a pioneering legacy. Caswell developed the first commercially available steel bullet catcher in the U.S. Today, our field-proven designs include pistol- and rifle-rated steel escalator and venetian blind traps. Building on proven methods and past successes, our engineers and shooters spent more than two years designing and developing a unique trap to accommodate rigorous courses of fire with pistol and rifle rounds. Constructed to set a new standard in projectile containment, the 5000 series surpasses competitors' traps.

The 5000 series rifle and handgun escalator bullet trap provide a low-cost and low-maintenance solution for indoor and outdoor ranges using fixed firing lines. The impact plates direct bullets into a swirl chamber at the top of the trap for final deceleration. The spent fragments collect in trays for easy cleaning of the bullet trap. Models are available for use with handguns, shotguns, 9mm submachine guns and for ball ammunition fired from high velocity rifles. The 5000 series offers additional features, such as an optional containment system that safely contains all projectiles, fragments and dust, thus limiting the potential exposure of range personnel to airborne lead dust.


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Venetian Blind Bullet Trap image

Venetian Blind Bullet Trap

The venetian blind handgun-rated model LE2400 bullet trap requires only 30 inches of floor space. Constructed with a series of angled baffles, the trap directs incoming rounds into a deceleration chamber. After the trap dissipates their energy, the rounds drop into collection trays. For easy handling, these trays are accessible from the front of the trap. The LE2400 is rated for all handgun, 9mm submachine gun and shotgun ammunition. 


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Rubber Lamella (layer) Trap image

Rubber Lamella (layer) Trap

For crime labs, residential ranges and other low-volume applications. The rubber lamella trap features a patented design of multiple layers of rubber strips, suspended from a steel support frame. Bullet velocity of incoming rounds dissipates and gets absorbed through friction within the lamellas, facilitating capture of the bullet virtually intact.


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Designing a Gun Range, Upgrading an Existing Facility image

Designing a Gun Range, Upgrading an Existing Facility

Rely on InVeris Training Solutions for the entire process of range design and construction - from planning indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, to ensuring ventilation and acoustics, to target carriers and ballistic containment. We offer all elements to create a short-term and long-term foundation for project success:

  • Customer support
  • Environmental compliance
  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • Live-fire equipment
  • Logistical support
  • Maintenance
  • Site planning
  • Training
  • Turnkey design

Contact us early in the process. We encourage you to contact us in the early stages of range planning, so we can offer our assistance and guidance with your critical issues. If required, we can visit the proposed range site and provide recommendations based on our site evaluation. Once building plans or sketches are available, our knowledgeable account managers can assess your needs and recommend realistic, cost-effective equipment options.

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RangeMaster 9000 (RM9K) image

RangeMaster 9000 (RM9K)

The RangeMaster 9000 (RM9K) controls targetry, security systems, ventilation and lighting. It allows instructors and range personnel to write and store training scenarios that can be downloaded to an individual control unit at the firing line or operated from a central control booth.

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RangeMaster 10K (RM10K) image

RangeMaster 10K (RM10K)

The RangeMaster 10K (RM10K) range controller revolutionized range operations by allowing instructors to leave the control room while still retaining complete oversight of the shooting lanes. The RM10K combines touch-screen technology and wireless communication to give instructors unprecedented control from any location in the range. Handheld wireless devices provide the portability to allow instructors full automation of the range while interacting with the shooters at the line. With the RM10K, range operators no longer need to be confined to a control room. That means more time can be devoted to firearms instruction, rather than range management.

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SafeZone™ Shooting Stalls image

SafeZone™ Shooting Stalls

Get your stalls to the SafeZone™. The best, most flexible stalls by design. Our experience fielding over 15,000 ranges around the world has shown us what customers want most in their stalls. They want a shooting stall that protects the shooter, is customizable, and can be easily interchanged. Measuring 48" deep, SafeZone is deeper than previous stalls. They are L3 pistol rated and/or L8 rifle rated and completely interchangeable. The stalls are fully customizable and can be arranged to create clear stalls, solid stalls or a mixture of both. They are wholly reconfigurable and backward compatible. You can even set up SafeZone in the same location as existing shooting stalls.

Convenient options. With the InVeris SafeZone shooting stall, you get options. Lots of them. You can upgrade to include glass edge or multicolor LED lighting, as well as wing and full gate barricades to enhance tactical training. You may want to include an Aiphone® audio or visual communication system for full stall contact and interaction with the master control. A red/blue light option allows realistic law enforcement training, while the stall's side shelf with accessory hooks provides additional storage for bulky or cumbersome items.

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XWT Wireless Target Carrier image

XWT Wireless Target Carrier

XWT Wireless Target Carrier: The most innovative wireless target retrieval system. The XWT target carrier is an efficient, reliable and user-friendly system designed to simplify and streamline time on the range. The XWT was the industry's first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system, and brings your range the next level of innovation. The quiet, smooth, low-maintenance wireless carrier is easy to operate and programmable, essential for successful training.

Note: The XWT Includes a 3/8" AR500 Front Armor Plate Prow. It is fully compliant with electromagnetic CE/EN directives for EMI/EMC.

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XCT Target Retrieval System image

XCT Target Retrieval System

The XCT target retrieval system is suitable for handguns, submachine guns and shotguns, allowing a full spectrum of training and usage by customer. It can hold a wide variety of targets: From a bull's-eye to full-size police silhouette.

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Target Training Systems image

Target Training Systems

InVeris Training Solutions offers a variety of target retrievers to support your training objectives: From basic law enforcement firearms qualifications courses to tactical training scenarios, InVeris designs and engineers targetry for extensive, comprehensive live-fire training, emphasizing unpredictable situations like concealment and pursuit.

  • Whether outfitting indoor ranges or large outdoor complexes, our diverse target retrieval systems ensure your live-fire training requirements will be met:
  • The Pop-up Turning Target
    with hit sensing adds a new element to tactical scenarios. It has a unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend-or-foe target.
  • Tandem Turning Targets
    operate on a single drive unit, exposing and concealing precisely in unison.
  • Electro-mechanical and Pneumatic Pop-up and Turning Target Systems
    play an essential part in tactical training by working individually, in unison or sequentially.
  • Turning Targets capable of rotating a target up to 360 degrees, provide a realistic challenge for specialized training.
  • Running Man or Pursuit Targets
    with single or dual targets engage officers in practicing with moving range targets.

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XWT ProImage Projected Target System image

XWT ProImage Projected Target System

The future of the shooting range has arrived. The XWT ProImage projected target system brings together live fire with a virtual shooting experience. Users can absorb lessons from virtual scenarios while using their own weapons in a range environment. Simultaneously, customers can choose from games, targets or animations to enhance their shooting range experience. The ProImage goes up and down the rail with the target carrier and can traverse the entire distance, from the start of the shooter's stall all the way to the end of the track by the bullet trap.

The XWT ProImage attaches a compact video projector and camera system to InVeris' proven XWT target carrier. Wirelessly connected to a 10-inch lane control unit mounted to the shooting stall, the system projects digital videos and images. You can then upload the imagery onto white paper or cardboard targets. The onboard camera provides a streaming, closeup view of the target for instantaneous feedback.

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Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT) image

Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT)

The InVeris Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT) uses convincing target acquisition situations to present soldiers with a variety of entry control point circumstances. When trainees react, the ECPMT employs state-of-the-art communication and hit sensing to deliver realistic live-fire training responses.

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Indoor and Outdoor Range Solutions image

Indoor and Outdoor Range Solutions

When it comes to survivability in harm's way, training makes a critical difference. That's why InVeris provides indoor and outdoor range target systems that allow you the flexibility to train at any time, under any conditions.
XWT: The next generation wireless indoor and outdoor target retrieval systems. We invented the world's first wireless target carrier the XWT. The next-generation XWT matches conditions your trainees are likely to find in combat, where every second counts:

  • An internal DC motor drive system for both indoor and outdoor configurations.
  • User-friendly, touch-screen controller.
  • Durable rail system for reduced maintenance and smoother operation.
  • 360 degrees target head rotation.
  • Adjustable low-light training that can simulate a muzzle flash.
  • Additional configurations, variable speed operation and an extended arm.
  • Outdoor XWT for environments where extreme weather conditions are present.

Classic target retrieval systems.

The CEE and CEB target carriers are fixed speed, electrically powered trolley wire target systems, operated manually with a forward-stop-return control switch located at the firing line.

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Infantry Range Targets image

Infantry Range Targets

The full scope of dynamic and static infantry targets from world leader in military infantry target equipment. InVeris has more than 80,000 infantry target systems successfully fielded on 122 military bases around the world. These systems are proven to be reliable and flexible to support both skills qualifications training events and more complex unit collective training events. You can install our deployable infantry range targets on unimproved terrain, in a matter of minutes, with no special equipment required.

Extremely reliable and rugged, our range targets perform in the harshest climates. They do not contain hydraulic fluids, contaminants or hazardous toxins capable of being released into the environment.

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Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) image

Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)

The InVeris LOMAH system measures the precise time of a bullet's supersonic shock wave passing over the microphone sensor array, attached below the height of the lifter and encased with ballistic protection.

Tracking the bullet's location. InVeris' LOMAH system registers the passing of the bullet, computing the bullet's location (X, Y coordinate) and presents a graphical image of shot location on the target, appearing on the shooter's Firing Point Computer (FPC).

Immediate feedback for improved marksmanship. Shooter and instructor get immediate feedback of the shot location via the FPC on the firing line. The bullet's measured location provides the shooter the information needed to display shot grouping more accurately and zeroing of weapons more effectively. The system also records single shots and bursts. You can conveniently use a wide variety of ammunition, from .22 to .50 caliber.

Easy and economical to install. LOMAH is available as a retrofit capable kit or fully integrated into the InVeris target lifter product line. As a result, you can be sure of easy and quick installation with little downtime and lower cost of installation.

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Military Armor Targets image

Military Armor Targets

InVeris Stationary Armor Target (SAT) and Moving Armor Target (MAT) simulate a tank or other vehicle for your live-fire training and qualification programs. These field range target systems support tactical exercises in detecting, identifying and firing upon stationary and moving tank targets.

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Mobile Ranges & Shoot Houses image

Mobile Ranges & Shoot Houses

The InVeris Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT™) offers much more than a typical shoot house. You'll discover an integrated tactical training facility, bringing together live fire and virtual simulation. This unique combination can realistically prepare your users for the tough situations of dense-population warfare: close quarter battle (CQB) and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT). Defense forces and law enforcement agencies will learn all critical skills: forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics, civilian sensitivity and judgmental shoot-or-don't-shoot engagements.

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Range Control Systems image

Range Control Systems

Providing simple target instructions selected from drop-down menus or keyboard commands, the InVeris Range Control System (RCS) affords the operator a high level of situational awareness. The RCS' main window displays a graphical representation of up to 500 targets specific to the range layout, using different symbols to depict each target type. It conveys target status in real time by the color of the target symbol. And it displays device status messages in a ribbon at the bottom of the screen.

The RCS supports both manual and automatic control of the firing range, with programs that automate complex or repetitive range and target control operations in either time- or event-driven scenarios. You can skip, repeat or execute sections of programs individually to provide customized training solutions to fit the operator's requirements.

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Turnkey Range Design & Planning Solutions image

Turnkey Range Design & Planning Solutions

Drawing on nearly a century of experience with live-fire ranges, InVeris' Turnkey Range Solutions provide everything you need for a best-in-class, military live-fire range: design, construction, equipment, installation and 24/7 customer support. For the first time, you can trust your military live-fire ranges to one company to meet your range installation requirements on time and within budget.

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